Balancing Mythics

The biggest reason I don’t see myself playing this game for longer than a few more months is the lack of balance among mythics.

Successful games like Clash Royale push out balance updates regularly, based on win percentage stats. There are many easy buffs (like slight mana cost reductions) to outclassed mythics that will render them more viable without compromising the meta. Collecting win stats at a given level of play, per troop, will easily allow you to see where the problems are and whether your subsequent tweaks were successful.

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Hello @PMdev, thank you for your feedback.

We do regularly buff and nerf troops, but not as often as Clash Royale. This is due to a few reasons, one of the main being that whenever we make nerfs (especially to mythic troops) many players are upset that the troops they have chased and worked for have been made weaker.

We only nerf troops when absolutely necessary for the health of the game, and prefer to slowly buff troops over time. This isn’t the way all studio’s work, but it is how we choose to do so. :slight_smile:


I think a good starting point would be a damage range for each tier from common to mythic, minus the extra damage from gem/stat/troop related damage increases
It’s harder for me to say buff the 500 troops that need it, because now we face them up to level 500, so the multiplier would be scarier than it already is
These delve and tower events are at such a disproportionate level to the regular level 20, it makes buffing them questionable IMO
It’s damned if u do, damned if u don’t at this point

Ignoring nerfs, there are plenty of mythic troops that could use a solid buff. (you’re still selling them right?). Buffs can be administered a little bit faster than the current Pan’s Vale buff/rework…

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Thanks for the quick response, @Saltypatra !

many players are upset that the troops they have chased and worked for have been made weaker.

That’s what I figured and I see how this can make balancing trickier.

I also get the sense (from other threads, too) that your devs have quite the backlog (which teams don’t?) and legacy debt. Have you considered throwing NDA’s at the devs in your playerbase? I’d rather invest free time in a game that I’m playing than most FOSS. I understand that you might not want to incur the management/training overhead associated with onboarding contributors. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat more about this.

They do have nda for the player beta testers, but I’m not one and don’t know what they beta test. It’s not enough whatever it is.

Players can read the game data files, so in theory we could tell them what exactly to fix. That’s where gowdb gets its info.

That theory is somewhat flawed, there would be at least three different flavors of “what exactly” for every two players you ask, with each one being the one and only sane way to proceed. Even something simple like “we’ll buff one mythic and nerf another one, the community just has to agree on which ones to pick” would probably just end up in blows.

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Players can easily reach a consensus, on the right request. Like fixing the tomes that boost magic. But the spell doesn’t scale on magic.
We could argue to boost attack, life, or armor instead I suppose…