Game improvement


Are you ever going to change the features or game modes ?

I have suggested a few on my old account e.g. Human vs Human, 2 vs 2, 3D Characters etc.

I only seem to play is OP Fantastic 4 = Psion, Famine, Infernus (Change 1 troop) and all you care about is the sale of Gems !

Hey efceddy,
These suggestion is good, but in the end, is it really worth all the effort and time by the Devs to create this? I mean, if you start out 2nd in any of these Real Time Battles you have possibly a 90% chance to lose the match. Also imagine all the disconnections that could come with it and the 100s of extra support tickets during a month. The game/Dev team is limited too. In the end I am very doubtful that this would be popular, and at least I would rather see the time and effort from the Devs put elsewhere, for example on troop reworks, future cool kingdoms and new fun troops. This is just my opinion, you are ofc allowed to have yours.


How is new kingdoms going to stop the OP teams ?

The game is repetitive, It needs something new.

Also Disagree with going second… luck of the draw it happens.

However I agree with you on new troops as it will stop everyone using the same characters. But Mythic Characters are surely meant to be rare… Yet Everyone has them.

To make the game work multiplayer, the rules would definitely need to be changed. It’s much too easy to win on the first turn, or at least hand the board over after crippling the opponent.

The game would need a lot more bandwidth too, and servers ready for the load. Matches are played entirely offline today.

I assure you. They care way more than any other video game company you’ll ever experience.
They used to give gems a way like candy. I imagine some financial advisor told them how much money they were losing because of it.
That being said. They are a for profit company with families and mouths to feed. So the workers can’t work for free. Yet… This game is free to download and many play it for absolutely free. They spend a substantial amount of revenue on adding to the staff and making the game better.
Improvements can always be made. And will always be made. If after 3 months of playing you’re that bored by this present state of play. Either you’re playing it wrong… Or this isn’t the game for you.


Plenty of ways around It. Magic Duels made it work.

I understand they cant do out for nowt but every team is the same.

Even if they put a cap on how many times you can use the same defense team will be enough.

I have been playing this longer than 3 months but now sick to death of the same OP teams which 1 / 3 players use.

A new offline mode versus the CPU would be a lot safer/better/reliable to create not only for the player base, but also for the Devs and time and effort put in.

I have three examples of game modes under, one new suggestions and two older ones:

Legendary Arena: Which contains only UR-Legendary OR Epic-Mythic troops.

A new PvP Ranked mode vs the CPU: Match starts out with a coin flip of who will start out, all empowered, fast and Swift traits gets deactivated. This mode gives better rewards since its only 50% you are starting out or not, and matches might take longer time. You can even have an option where you can choose to deactivate all troop traits for a better reward, and a few other options as well.

Survival Mode: You start out with just one team, fight until your troops fell on the ground, but remember that without any healers on the team you wont go far.

All of these suggestions might have been a lot more reliable than a Real Time PvP, and also give some fun to the playerbase in return.


I like the idea of these new modes especially Survival mode.

But like someone above said. If you been playing this 3 months and bored of it, must be playing it wrong. I have Been playing it about 6 months, so guess I am doing something wrong, or my game is broken. As Yes i am bored of fighting Psion, Ragnagord, Infernus and Famine every game.

People care way too much about wins than having fun ! Its a game at the end of a day. Then again you always get absolute sameheads who spam teams.

I also must admit that I like the Survival Mode suggestion the most. I would surely always come back for another try or new personal best record.

@efceddy have you tried the casual mode? If you are tired of repetition the casual mode have a little more variety.

Even if they said sorry 50 other people are using that Defense team please choose another .

Something like that is not hard to implement !

Listen Goodwill,

The casual mode also only cost 50 gold to Refresh. If variety is your problem why not play a little more Casual? Its all about having fun, right? Its not always about the rewards the matches is giving ya.

6 months ago it was all Kraken and mab. So you should be enjoying the new Meta still. Lol

I’ve been playing for 15 months now and am impressed with how much the game changes. My experience equates to wisdom and patience. The things that are wrong will be fixed. And new things will eventually be added.

I don’t feel like you have the patience for this. I’m not going to tell you to stop playing. But I ask that you keep in mind. That no one is making you play it. So if you’re unhappy, figure out a way to be happy. That isn’t 100% reliant on the devs to make GoW the way you want it.

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yes a few people have said that him and forest troll. However they stopped Kraken teams by downgrading him, not many use him.

But as for patience, i have no words other than …True. As that is one thing I dont have. I even occasionally rage quit, when famine and infernus have full mana.

I am sure their are plenty of others who are sick of the same old, same old team. This can easily be stopped:

  1. A cap on amount of times you can use them.
  2. 50 Other people are using this ‘Exact team’ please choose another one.

If you scroll through the latest posts there’s another thread discussing practically the same thing. I don’t think we’ll see a ton of variety unless there’s real incentive to change defense. I want gold and trophies, so revenge battles are not enough. I don’t bother unless they’re 3 trophy fights. Maybe it’s just me but i see a lot of troll/nyx/kraken/mab, it’s far from dead (i see in in bracket 1 gw too), and quite a few dragon, beast, and a few odd combo teams, so the meta isn’t really that bothersome. I had to go through ten fights to get to one earlier while testing a new gw attack team, that’s not that bad. I like the challenge, always winning is boring too. Mish mash thrown together just to be different defense don’t do it for me either, so the “if 50 other people are using it” doesn’t have any appeal. I think it would just result in fighting crappy teams, and that’s not satisfying. Creative well thought out counter defenses are for gw. Slow the other people trying for top 10 old reliable are for pvp. Unless they start giving bonus gold, glory, whatever, for a defense tied to the even, there will always be a meta. I’ve been playing since june, the meta seems to change every other month, so we’re due for a new one. I’d imagine that faerie fire will make people who complain about infernus lose their minds. If you watch the streams or read through other threads they do have a raid mode in the works and i believe are working on a long term arena solution. There are other options if you don’t like the selection in ranked pvp. If those aren’t appealing, at least there’s variety in finding interesting counters for those annoying psion/famine teams. I break it up by using the following day’s gw color’s team, and switching out for different counter teams for beasts, mab, and dwarves. I see those as much as psion anymore. I have no patience either but i’ve learned that if you want to keep it interesting you can’t rely on other players to make it so, you have to switch up your attack or play a different mode. It’s what you make of it.

How can you rely on other players to make it interesting when they all have the same defence teams !

Literally the only people who don’t agree on the, ‘You cannot use this defence team as it is used by 50 others’ are the ones who spam the same OP teams !

Something has to change, very repetitive. I am not going to go on about Dawnbringer as I have seen a lot of topics. But that has killed Arena.

I wouldn’t mind actual PvP (Player vs Player). It does bug me still that they list their modes as ‘Ranked PvP’ and ‘Casual PvP’. When its more like PvE (Player vs Enemy) where a player just set up a deck for the AI to use. Its unlikely actual PvP will occur any time soon or at all, just as my hopes that wording for ranked and casual gets corrected.

@awryan I’ve played many games over my years even F2P games. While GoW has a great affinity for their game. I would be hard pressed to consider them a rarity in caring about their game. Some examples but not the only ones :

  • In the early years of WoW, Blizzard employees were everywhere and amazingly talkative and helpful. Even the developers would log into the game and wander about interacting with the player base. Thats amazing to me. Yes they no longer do this but they had done that for years before it stopped.

  • Shiaya developers not only interacted with the player base but also played the game. And I don’t mean here and there to ‘test’ things, but hardcore playing too. I have yet to see any developer hardcore play GoW. Unless they did in the past. That would need clarification.

I will say one of the attractions of GoW for me at the start was its easy pickup. It didn’t require you to pay to enjoy any part of it. And for the most part still doesn’t. Whereas other F2P require you to pay to enjoy the finer points.

I don’t agree with RT, it just wouldn’t work well for this game. I personally have always thought though that you shouldn’t be able to get more than one of each Mythic. So, you found Famine? Great, no you can no longer find him or craft him. So, you crafted Infernus? Cool, no more for you.

I am sick of fighting teams of Dawnbringer + 3 Famines, etc. etc. The end game for each troop is to get it to Mythic standing, so when you find a troop whose base rarity is Mythic, I think only one should be allowed to prevent this from happening.

Also, Dawnbringers mana is way too low for everything the troop can do. Heavy damaged on all players PLUS barrier on all allies PLUS possible magic gain for only 20 mana? Craziness!!!

GoW devs (I’m thinking Sirrian and Andrew) did this too in the “early” days - you can see this in the old threads on the Steam forums before they built the GoW website here and in beginning time here. They only stopped because the game was growing bigger than their small company could devote time to and (I think) because of personal threats.

And they logged into General Chat #1 on PC/mobile, although not sure if nowadays they do it or if it’s Saltypatra and others.

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@Dorgath I figured they may have at the start. As its a great way to connect to the players. Since you commented on the WoW part of my post. Did you know that when Blizzards game was getting larger they hired more people as Game Masters just so that this presence was still felt? Yes they eventually stopped that as well. I guess as they say, ‘everything does come to an end’. I still remember having an issue in WoW and a Game Master sitting right next to me looking at things on their end. He was funny. When people came up to him he said ‘don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain’. Then turned random NPC’s to pigs. The GM’s were silly and odd. But it wasn’t just WoW, back when I played various games in the 90’s/early 2000, so many were like this. It makes me wish it still existed. Silly me maybe. Though now I play a lot of non-networked rpgs. GoW is the only networked game I play anymore.

I honestly thought of applying for a GM position, if I ever got it. Just never did try for it. Instead I went and moderated the official/unofficial BloodRayne forums from Tri. My moderator name was ‘darkreign’ (some might remember me if they went to those forums). Then I moved on to being a community liaison in Second Life when they had that program running. Now I just stick to art and being more offline than online.

Well, I only really included the WoW part since you made the comparison. I haven’t actually played it myself… :slight_smile:

GoW has hired more people, especially Saltypatra who’s the social media manager and the conduit in general now. And Sirrian does chime in here and there. They just aren’t on publicly as much.

But Sirrian has always been communicating with his playerbase. Before GoW, he had a fairly constant presence on the I2 forums with Warlords, Battlecry, and Puzzle Quest (which, by the way, people post occasionally hoping there’s a Warlords V or Battlecry IV(?) whatever’s next) and asked for opinions and suggestions.