I don’t usually bother with commenting so i hope this reaches people. I’ve been playing GoW for years now. It’s an excellent game and I recommend it often. Art is fantastic and hours of game play. I appreciate it.

However, these updates are alienating. I really don’t want you to turn into just another soulless pay to play game. It would make me sad.

Here are the easy ways i can think of that would make money and not sell out:

  1. Use full size cards in the arena. A preview of how powerful cards can be and an option to buy one of those card at the end.

  2. PVP extras. Like Silence or Entangle bombs that supersede traits. Very tired of only fighting repeat gem creators and elementals and being forced to use the same team against them. I would pay to use a silence or cure bomb to force variety.

  3. Simply make things cheaper. It’s easy to spend a few dollars here and there, but most buys are $50-100 and that just isn’t feasible for most people.

I don’t even like these suggestions but I’d prefer to purchase a card i want at an unreasonable price rather than leave because you turned pay to play.

And while I’m here, here’s a list of upgrades the game actually needs, rather than shrunken text and less delves:

A. Assign pets to specific teams. They’re fairly useless when you have to find and change them all the time.

B. Save search parameters. When u go from troops to weapons it changes everything and is super annoying.

C. Better card search and organization. Would be nice to search by traits or the color gems they create. There’s a lot of cards and the grouping offered doesn’t make much sense. The search options need an overhaul.

D. A pop up that explains what gems do. No idea what a wish gem does? A few others too…

E. Switch up Adversaries! Playing against the same team a million times in a row is much too repetitive. Why u have a million cards if u don’t use them?

F. An option to skip over weak levels. It’s dull and time consuming to fight all the lil people to get to the hard levels. I might even spend a few gems for the option.

G. Let’s not add more screens. Not sure why u needed to separate the level up from the traits screen but it’s just annoying and there’s already too many screens to go back and forth from. Like, maybe not leaving the Games screen every time an arena is finished?

That’s about it. It would be nice if things were better labeled like “Earn Souls here!” Or jewel shards… Where do i get those? Gold bonus levels. Daily lottery dealio?

But really I’m here still asking for a large text option cause this new update makes my eyes bleed. Accessibility is pretty important.

This is just little suggestions from a long time player that doesn’t wanna give up on y’all. Sorry for the length but just wanted it out there.

Best gaming to you.

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All pets you own give their bonuses to teams where applicable. Equipping them is just for cosmetic effect.


Thank you! I had no idea, even after 4 years.
There are a few little instructions like that that u just can’t guess. I do wish some of that was clearer. I’ve used the question mark icon many times but rarely find what I’m looking for.


We’ve probably all been there. I know I was. :sweat_smile:

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Perhaps the “equip” button for pets should be renamed to “display” to make that confusion less likely


Excellent idea. I was wondering who on earth would use a “cosmetic only” pet when anything else was better.

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I also thought about how good it would be to skip low levels. For example, with my 20k power, the opponents on the quest board have 1-5k power. They still don’t stand a chance. :laughing: So why not waste the time of the players on the battles and immediately give the reward?


They’re so boring! And then I feel like a bully and that’s not right. And those low level delves take forever. Would much rather get to the challenging ones.