Some Suggestions for You

Hi everyone. I would like to begin by saying that I think this game is probably the best game I ever played on mobile. I’ve been playing just for about two months but it seems enjoyable. Having said that, I would like to express some suggestions which could make this game even greater.

Note: every suggestions is a personal opinion, not the thoughts of every player of the game:

  1. Beetrix is too much overpowered. As a consequence, there’s no need to use different troops because she is always better, the variety of the game is compromised;

  2. Elementalist class is too much overpowered as well as Beetrix. I made +800 levels just using them both. It’s just impossible to change because nothing is good as them;

  3. You should add more bonuses to one-type team (for example full knight team could have +30 armor instead of just a +5): doing so, you will encourage people to create new teams;

  4. The Arena idea is great, because it let you try different troops. But it must be encouraged because it doesn’t give you rewards good enough.

  5. The troop menu could be better. Personally, I would add a: sorted by new acquisition;

  6. I would like to see an event in where it can be possible to use treasure map as payment or a different way to use them, because they are too much :slight_smile: ;

  7. I would rethink the “true damage” effect;

  8. I think there are too many types and this is confusing: for example, Giant and Orc could be the same type (infact in the italian version the card “Ogre” is translated as Orc but is Giant type), also wildfolks with wargare or the lions and beasts… and so on;

I think i’m done for now. I thank you for reading all my suggestions and I hope you find them useful. I am sorry for my bad english but as you can notice, english is not my first language

  1. intended, there are just a few troops to be used constantly, 99% are purely situational.
  2. intended (not changed for a year already despite non-stop crying)
  3. those bonuses are good for the start, once you get to late game, its irrelevant
  4. indeed my lovest mode, but sadly has nothing to do with game progress
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Good starting point the 3.
Why they dont add a bonus at the start of the turn if there is whole team of a specific type? Like all giants , all elves… and so on…
The pet that we already have for every type of troops can be enabled for this.

I made a small chart just to give an example
The % are the chance to trigger the ‘bonus’ related of pet rarity
Maybe some stats are little off but it just a raw idea

edit: % to trigger every turn

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#1 and #2 actually are very common reactions, so you know.

Queen Beetrix has proven to be a top tier card and very difficult to shut down, partly because of that spell effect (16% of the time she gets half mana back AND an extra turn to fill the rest with, especially in combination with a mass exploder/generator like King Gobtruffle or Forest Troll) and the rest of the time because that pesky 3rd trait simply invalidates your attempts to keep her at bay.

Elementalist’s 3rd trait is also potentially too strong, not everyone can run Impervious/Blessed teams to defend against it. At least this class has the excuse of being relatively new…

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I still haven’t used Elementalist outside of PvP/GW.