New features that should be added

Add traits on other systems.
Add the mana cost for a cards ability on the card. I hate having to enter a battle to see mana cost.
Add actual online Pvp. I’d love to play some friends.
Increase the rewards for treasure maps. 20 mins for 600 gold isn’t all that great.
Maybe some new game modes. I would love to see what kind of troops I could make if I had five troops on one team.
Obviously new troops and hero weapons. I haven’t used my hero in a battle in quite some time because I don’t have a weapon good enough.
Also climbing the Pvp list in a day is getting boring. Maybe multiple ranks of Pvp. 15-1 tier 3, 15-1 tier 2 15-1 tier 1. Better rewards can come from this. Thanks for reading my suggestions. I hope to see some of these changes!! I love the game and I would love to see it get even better!