QoL Ideas & Some Ramblings From A Well-intentioned Newbie

For those of you reading, these are just some thoughts I threw together over the month at random, which I have decided to share so that I could get a census if these things make sense or if I’m just being a dumb dumb. There’s probably several spelling and grammar errors within this post, just know I’m going to take the lazy route by not proof reading but feel free to throw eggs/tomatoes/etc or small object that you wish to throw at me.

  1. Allowing mythic discoveries to link directly to the troop instead of that player’s profile. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a player discover a new troop and I was like, 'What the heck is that?" and wishing I could click on it. I’m tracking I could do a search for the troop but if you read anything above you would see I’m a VERY lazy person, please save me steps.

  2. Treasure hunting isn’t the most horrible game type but it sure is painfully slow. I was thinking we could all save a bit of time by allowing players to invest more maps for higher rewards tiers, even if there is to be some sort of diminishing return.

  3. Please allow the chat to be displayed in all windows (maybe not ‘Settings”?). Not a huge request but would be nice.

  4. Please display the amount of total cards owned along with unique rares of each on the, “Troops & Teams” menu. Example Mythics: 123 Legendries: 334 etc etc (don’t include the # of the same troop). The left side looks like a good candidate for a location. This will give players a quick assessment of all their cards without having to dig through their whole deck.

  5. I would like to add damage multiplier types to the troop search. Example “Multiplier” would include bosses, towers, etc. I understand you can search for a key word but I believe it deserves it’s own category because deal damage is too broad IMO.

  6. Surplus event points to be used for other benefits (maps, gold, keys, souls, potions etc). It doesn’t have to be the items that I listed, anything would be fine, it’s just obnoxious to see ton of extra event points collecting dust.

  7. The rewards for completing events or leader boards aren’t good enough but it feels like progress because of the way everything is broken up. You might get a 100 gems for getting into the top 50, however, this probably due to players having to spend hundreds of gems to obtain potions to make them that competitive. Off the top of my head, it’s looking to be around a 10:1 ratio for gem spending for critical potions in most events. The guild oriented events aren’t as bad because it’s a combined effort but the single player events aren’t great. I get that there there needs to be a gem sink but your rewards for very top of players or the last reward tier needs to be greatly increased IMO.

  8. Question: Why would I spend 3 Major orbs of Ascension, Growth, and Wisdom to craft 1 Orb of Power besides trying to craft Zuul’Goth, when I could do the same thing with 1 of each orb and 7,000 souls cheaper? To me what would make sense is adding additional unlockable traits or levels that could only be unlockable with Orbs or Power.

I guess this is the part I brace for impact, again I’m new-ish (about 4 months in) so I might be completely off my rocker, just let me know what your thoughts are, that’s what I’m most curious about, thanks.

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Some responses from a forum old-timer:

  1. It took a minute to work out you meant mythic announcements in chat, but sure, that seems neat.

  2. Variations of this have been suggested for years and the devs have been completely silent, so this isn’t going to happen.

  3. I’m not a big chatter in game. Which windows don’t have chat right now?

  4. This would be nifty. In the meantime, gowdb.com can give you the same info once you link your account.

  5. Do you mean sort the troops by the thing that multiplies damage? If so, that would be pretty good.

  6. Diminishing marginal returns for playing a lot in a short amount of time are all over this game. The last event point reward is where it tapers to zero for event points. I can’t see the devs changing this one.

  7. Again, this has been suggested a lot, with zero movement from the devs. Don’t hold your breath. Personally, I like that the reward for being on those leaderboards is mostly the glory (not Glory). If the rewards were too good, it would encourage unhealthy play amounts.

  8. It’s an end-game grind for Zull’Goth. There is not intended to be any other reason to craft orbs, so it’s inefficient by design.


Good point. I’m so glad that the lb rewards are bad so that I never have to worry about trying to be on them.

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