Three big suggestions

My first suggestion regards the treasure maps. I would personally like to see an implementation of a multiplier for the mini game. What I mean is, choosing the amount of maps one is utilizing before the game begins, and whatever the haul is can be multiplied by that amount of maps previously chosen. This added feature would definitely get more people playing it because it would feel like they actually gained something. Currently, unless a person is exceptionally good the rewards are minimal at best. But that minimal amount multiplied by the 10 maps used would appear quite substantial and worth the effort.

My second suggestion is to please remove the guild seal cap or at least raise it to 5,000. It is much easier for guild leaders to find maybe 10 or so people to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay than 30 and hope they are all doing their part. With the way things are now, smaller guilds will never achieve the greatness displayed unless they luck up and find 20 or 25 more people with the same amount of drive and determination.

My final suggestion is to please implement gifting a troop to a guild member. I have run into this problem quite a bit over my duration of playing this game. We try to help each other, but then we find out the troops are not had by the one we’re trying to help. Chalk it up to terrible luck or something to that effect. I can personally tell a story about my entire guild having The Dragon Soul and I couldn’t get it to save my life. I eventually Soulforged it but plenty of my guildmates spoke about having multiples. I would like to think that they would have hooked me up if they could. lol. It’s just a thought.

Thank you for reading this, and I certainly hope that you take these suggestions into consideration. Take care and thank you for an awesome game.

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The devs have said several times that they won’t add troop gifting or trading because they believe it could be exploited.

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Multiple treasure maps at once isn’t going to happen. Too many high level players are sitting on thousands of maps, and allowing that would give them an instant flood of resources and a massive advantage over the newer players.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see it (there are 7k maps gathering dust in my inventory) but it just ain’t happening.

1 and 3 have already been mentioned. I’m not against them, but those are the facts.
As for raising the cap: the devs probably aren’t keen on letting players suddenly open 3x the amount of guild chests. If seal 1501-5000 aren’t added to your inventory but do count for progress this might stand a better chance. Unfortunately, that would lead to cries of “why can’t I spend these seals?”
All in all, asking for lower requirements might stand a better chance, or maybe something like “X amount/percentage of players have earned Y amount of seals” determines the guild chest level.

I can’t see them ever letting us have more personal seals per week, but as a suggestion how about leaving the personal seals cap at 1500, but still allowing us to claim seals towards the guild total?
That way ‘we’ (as in the player base) don’t actually gain anything except the chance of better pulls from guild chests?
That surely won’t be game breaking…

Lol, same idea posted at the same time :grin:

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I may be mis-understanding what you mean, but as I read it right now, you can. If you get to 1500 seals, any seals you claim from daily mail (or use orbs) will add to the guild total, just not your personal total.

It will, but only to what you currently have. Most of us save orbs until mythic Friday anyway, the issue is if you’re not in a completely full guild but still very active you’re effectively punished by never being able to reach 40k. At God level in trophies it’s only 19 seals a day, even if you hit 1500 on day one that’s only a maximum extra of 114 seals over the week per person.
Most god level guilds are full anyway, it’s the smaller ones that suffer.
What were suggesting is that you can still claim seals for the whole guild up to 5k per person but not add them to your personal total, that way a guild of 20 could effectively hit 40k if they all get to 5k.

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Ah, okay. I gotcha.

Not to be the debbie downer :), but it’s by design that way, to have players “band” together and get into full guilds to reap the full rewards with less effort. There were concessions made; when first introduced, the level 6 chest was 45K seals, meaning everyone had to get 1500 seals, but was lowered to 40K, and the addition of clan orbs obviously helps those guilds not at full capacity, but that’s about as good as we’re going to get it, I’m afraid (IMO).

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Worth a try though :wink:
It was an easy thing to say “you all need to be a full operational guild to get to 40k”, but ask anyone who isn’t in the top 3 guilds on any platform just how hard it is to actually recruit now!