Feature request: treasure map bulk use option

First off: I like the treasure hunt mini game. It’s a real nice change of pace from the main game.

And since the introduction of 1.0.8 it’s become quite a bit more useful to play treasure maps, as souls and glory are needed again with all the extra levels your troops can attain. Also, with the tributes giving much fewer gems, treasure maps could be a nice source for gaining gems.

But the problem is that many people have way too many treasure maps to play…

How about we get a feature where we can (before starting the actual hunt) select how many treasure maps we want to use, and that rewards scale accordingly (minus some kind of “penalty” for bulk use?

For example"
Invest 1 map: normal rewards gained from the treasure hunt
Invest 5 maps: 5 times the normal rewards minus a penalty for bulk use of maps (say 10%)
Invest 10 maps: 10 times the normal rewards minus a penalty for bulk use of maps (say 20%)
Invest 25 maps: 25 times the normal rewards minus a penalty for bulk use of maps (say 30%)

Off course these numbers can be altered/modified, but considering I have some 300 or so maps, I’d greatly welcome this option…

Would love to hear any thoughts or comments on this idea (also from our favourite devs)… :smiley:


(Digs around in the old forum)

Ah, here we are:

Needless to say, I support this idea as I’m currently sitting on 686 maps.


I initially said:
1 map = standard
2 maps = no bronze coins
5 maps = no bronze or silver coins
10 maps = no bronze, silver, or gold coins

At this point, I’d rather just see the treasure hunter mini-game buffed some in payout, but keep the 1 map per use.

Instead, there needs to be another new mini-game that uses 1 map at a time that ONLY gives trait stone rewards.


nah, split the screen into 4 quarters and do them at once :wink:

Like this?

Current Treasure hunt
copper > silver > gold > coin bag > wood chest > green chest > red chest > vault

New Feature: Crafting hunt
minor soul (1) > normal soul (5) > major soul (10) > minor trait stone > major trait stone > runic trait stone > Arcane trait stone > celestial trait stone

Trait stones gained will be rewarded with random ‘elemental’ type (e.g. fire, water, earth, etc)


How about fixing the task “use 4 treasure maps” first, fml. Had this task on my list for like a week and it won’t go away. Never counts any maps I use. :kissing_closed_eyes: thanks!

I +1’d the original thread way back when and I’ll +1 this one, too. I’m also hoping they add some of the new drops to treasure maps (or increase the number of key drops) to make this viable again.

Meh we will probably get a 2X chance for traitstones in battles next weekend.

Yeah, pretty much that, but I was thinking an entirely different minigame. If it was to be based on the already existing one, what you proposed would be great. It would probably need to cost 5 or 10 maps though, since those rewards would get pretty high at the upper end.

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How have you guys gotten “bulk” maps? I struggle to get any and usually it’s only if I’m lucky enough to get that 5th cascade that awards it. Is there something I could be doing or is it just that money has been invested to buy them?

Most of us with tons of them get them from being in very active guilds. Back when I was really active our guild was right around top 10 so we were generating lots of maps (I have 304 right now but I know others have lots more).

Thanks for the info ogunther. I’m not interested in the pvp side of the game right now. Which really translates into a lack of confidence being able to stand up to the monsters that frequent those battles. Some of you guys are intimidating.

The option to use maps in bulk isn’t bad, although I would prefer to choose how many maps I want to use as my multiplier at the end of the minigame. That way I can play for a payout of say, 2 gem keys + 5 gems, and then quickly multiply that result x500. Then I’d be good. :slightly_smiling:

Another way to speed up the use of maps could be change the difficult like in pvp
Just to explain what i mean.

Normal mode nothing change
Hard intial turn reduced to 12 add a 10% to final rewards
warlord I intial turn reduced to 10 add a 25% to final rewards
warlord II intial turn reduced to 8 add a 50% to final rewards
warlord III intial turn reduced to 6 add a 75% to final rewards
warlord IV intial turn reduced to 4 add a 100% to final rewards

Very cool solution to (I’m guessing) most people’s 100’s of maps they have no time to use for the reward of in-game time compared to PVP

I was about to start a new thread but I found this. I don’t suppose its an active thread anymore, but I fully support the idea of a multiplier. At least up to 10x based upon maps used.

I think they should be required before hand, not after, to prevent people doing exactly what @captain_video suggested. This is a game of chance and needs to remain one.

Also, @MoG i like your idea, but I would call it Mining, maybe base it out of Khaziel and rather than souls, I would still use coins,since gold is actually mined, which lead to stones.

Either one of these things would be great additions to the game, devs! :wink:

Bulk use for maps makes us happy.

We promise to spend money in game once this gets implemented

If i use 10 maps i want the map counter to start at 80 moves.

@killerman3333 Are you joking? I can’t tell.

The whole point here was to speed up the process. If I can make 8 moves stretch to 156, my personal highest, I can’t imagine how long 80 would take…

Just thinking about it makes me want to cry…

(After Treasure Hunting for 5 hours) “Only 313 moves left…” :sob:

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I was serious cause that would guarantee 5 trait stones at the start not including any extra turns.