Feature request: treasure map bulk use option

What if they implemented a base stone bonus. So even though you still only get 8 moves, because you spent 10 maps, you start with 5 stones in the bank and then add one every 15 like normal? This provides the bonus to stones, while still maintaining the speed element so many players are concerned with?

Ya but the problem is i can get 10 trait stones or more in 10 maps if i play them out.

Please! give us bulk option,i dont know what to do with these things :confused:


You would still have that option, of course, play a single map at a time.
The bulk option is to speed up the gathering of OTHER resources, I had originally assumed that part of the “cost” of the bulk option would be the reduced draw of stones, but now I like the bulk stone bonus. :wink:

Still hoping they implement bulk use for a multiplier. Or at least the ability to sell them. I play a few maps every week, but the backlog keeps growing (over 1300 now).

Guys if you have bulk maps building up maybe @Sirrian or @Nimhain can have them sent over to me? Otherwise i love tyri for getting maps. Bulk seems great.

@sirrian @Nimhain

This is a wonderful idea, another option could be like

4maps for 2x reward
8maps for 3x reward
16 maps for 4x

and so on…

please let us know if this is already on backlog! :smiley: ty

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ADDING support for BULK treasure map usage, PLZ PLZ PLZ add it?!?
OR simpler to add for programming purposes, add AUTO treasure map usage by AI
as in, the AI suggests your NEXT move, then just use THAT to AUTO use maps as an option.
that could be added RIGHT now with little effort. anyone else agree with this as an option? it is fair since the AI won’t automatically make 156 moves for a map usage, as it is not super smart, but good nuff to get the 30 to 70 moves. agree?? and u can choose to auto use any # of maps at a time.

later u can add some other bulk usage options too. but this AI auto usage would be easy to implement. i don’t wanna spend all my time using these maps either. plz plz plz add this simple programming option??


the ai already can suggest moves in th

i know, that is what i suggest they(GoW devs) can use to automatically use up maps in bulk, to run say 100 maps at a time, as if the AI is performing all the moves on all 100 maps. might take a minute, but that is ok to me, much faster than me manually using up maps, understand? it is an internal program that can run through all 100 maps used, all random just like u would use normally, and since the AI is not super smart, only seems fair from the trade off for this fast BULK usage. i hope i clarified this ;}~

i am trying to make it an easy add in option for the DEVs, i hope that makes sense.
2 options:
Option1: use your map manully as u normally have been doing.

Option 2: choose 1 to 100 maps used by AI automatically in one minute(takes time for the program to run through all maps) and then u see the end results as u normally would.

I prefer using my maps manually cause you see by having the ai play them it establishes a win button for resources and undermines the economy.

If you’ve got more treasure maps than you can use, it may be best to just pretend they don’t exist, and that the treasure hunt mini-game doesn’t cost anything. I consistently gain them faster than I can use them, whether from chains or guild tasks. I’m not sure it makes sense to limit how often players can play the mini-game, since it’s not a significantly better way of acquiring resources than other, no-cost methods, though the glory keys, gems, and gem keys are significantly rarer if you’re not in a guild.

I do not like the bulk use option unless the rewards are extra turns in the treasure hunt, basicly 16 turns for 2 maps and 24 turns for 3 maps. This sounds bad but then think of it like this, then make it so you can not gain extra turns if x maps are used. This makes TH maps faster to use and you still get the same number of base turns.

id love to bump this thread :smiley:

Consult the necro sages.

Yes we need this bulk use option

I would love to be able to spend an extra map to get more turns. But I just love playing treasure map. I use Tyri in my main PVP team and I’m still perpetually running out of maps.


Casts Raise Dead

Bump :wink:

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Casts wake the dead.
Bulk use option ?

They already buffed TH. If they hadn’t introduced Tyri it might be an option but given how easy Maps are to come by and how generous the rewards already are, a bulk use option would probably be pretty game breaking.