Treasure Hunt Suggestions

I have a possible idea on how to make treasure hunts better, or at least faster.

The game already comes with the option of the ability to toggle “puzzle hints” on and off. What if the develops implemented an additional feature to treasure hunts. A button that you can click to have the computer just make that move for you.

I feel that this would be balanced in a way, since the suggested move isn’t always the most optimal move, especially when your objective is either to get vaults or to get extra turns. What this would do, though, is give people a reason to actually want to use the hundreds of maps they’ve accumulated.

The biggest problem with treasure hunts right now is that the resources you get for doing them aren’t nearly good enough for the time you put into each map, especially when you consider what can be gotten in pvp.

I do think that this is a feature that players would be willing to pay for. You could have us pay a raw gem amount, lets say 500 gems, paid only one time, to unlock the ability to do it. Sort of like hiring an assistant to do the hunt for you. Similarly you could just do a gold cost, 50-100 or w/e per use.

While I am on the subject of trying to improve the treasure hunt feature. There is another option that players have suggested, and that is using multiple maps at a time to just multiply the rewards that you get from the map that you do. I also feel like this is fair, since you never know what is going to happen in that map. You could spend use 100 maps and get a really bad one that gets you very little in the long run, or get a crazy good map and a good haul. This is again a gamble of sorts, but again, a feature that I think players would be willing to invest in.

The big reason why I feel that something like one of these needs to be done, is that most players have hundreds of maps just sitting in their inventory that they will NEVER use with the current system as it is, even when there is a weekly event that is trying to prompt us to do so. I think about the only thing that could be done to make players want to use maps with the current system is drastically improve the rewards that you get during these weeks. The rewards could even go as far as rewarding us a pet that is of the same kingdom as the feature kingdom of that week. Few things other than pets would be seen as valuable enough to “waste” the time that is needed to get that many event points.

These are just a few suggestions that I wanted to throw out there. Let me know what you guys think!

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WOW that suggestion for using more than 1 physical map per treasure hunt to get double or triple or even more the reward for less time spent is the best suggestion EVER!!!

We can get a shit 40 moves run and get triple of that which suck but c’mon anyway it would save so much time!!

So instead of playing the game to get event points and about 100 gems, you want to pay gems for the computer to do it for you, while also doubling the rewards so that you can pay the computer to get you better rewards?


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