Ideas and suggestions for new content

First of all I apologize for the multiple translation errors that may have. I am using a translator too but I think the literal translation does not resemble to reality. In order to contribute my bit in improving the game I have here a small contribution.

It is probably that much of this has already been discussed here previously , sorry I have not seen before. I await your opinions, remember they are just ideas.

  • New Mini-Games:

    1. Arena Pvp:
      Five combat against active players that week (of course random)
      One team is selected to invade/attack. Enemy can not be inspect.

    2. Slot machine (Tragaperras):

A random number of possibilities. It will cost gold.

 3. Royal Battle:

This game consists in a long battle against an enemy based on 8 troops level 10 each.
The game begins with the selection of a team between two random choices. Based in 4 common troops each.

A new random troop appears in the cap left by the lost troops, till maximum of 4.
the new units consists in : 1 rare - 1 ultra rare - 1 epic - 1 legendary
The random order of appears and the random troops makes this matches absolutely random.

The fight would be end when one of the fighters lose all his 8 troops.
The rewards will go according to the number of defeat enemies, being win the highest reward.
Maybe some rune trait stones to make it useful. Seals are also allowed.

 4. Survival:

Choose a single team for all matches. It is to fight against active PvP players this week till be defeated.
The matches will be random and the rewards according to the number of wins.

Of course luck is going to be an important factor in this mini-game. It would be interesting to implement a wins ranking list. So everyone can defeat his old record.

To avoid being all the time fighting in the mini-game, it would be good to be like Arena, so you can leave it for while and continue later.

  • Merger / multiplier stones:

Merge many stones low level would allow other of higher level. For example 500 lower = 1 big Trait stone

  • Best Rewards:

Arena ( this post of @Fifthelement has more and better information about it ) Arena rewards adjustment suggestion, and treasure maps maybe could have best rewards, or simply more types. They can also includes seals (not necessary a lot but it´s make easier to complete for casual players), cards, glory, and traitstones.

PvP: I humbly should reward the top three ranking with god, silver and bronze small medals, that might appears in his cards while the next week. For places 4 and 5 could be a small ruby.
There is also a post of this topic by @anon43026234 Pvp rewards are too low! - #31 by wskill

  • Get seals for:

  • Make challenges of kingdoms

  • Level up a kingdom

  • Buy a weekly reward of Store

(also more easy to complete to casual players)

  • Guilds (A lot of work):

  • A Guild Administrator: The second in the rank scale. Someone who administrate the invitations and recruitments. An active person who also can help a lot other members. He can do a lot different things. I´m sure somebody post something similar. We need it.

  • Of course Guild Wars: Battles between guilds:
    Ranked with a difference of no more than 200 positions ( so make it not too unbalanced), and with 20 or more members.
    Extra rewards: - Winners: 360 trophies ( 12 per member) - Losers: 120trophies ( 4 per member)
    The number of matches depends of the number of players. Number of players is not rated yet, open to suggestions.
    Rebroadcasting each week of a battle between two top 100 and if it good for the people another of two top 1000 also.
    There is also a post by @Studs Guild Wars Ideas
    More information down in New weekly event.

  • What about 32 members: 30 members, 1 administrator, 1 Master Guild
    It would make easier to lower guilds completes tasks and level ranks. (Without more requirements of course)

  • Automatic weekly reward for the best members. (Automatic to avoid arguments and disputes between members).For example: first to get 1500 seals, donated more money, more fighting has cast, has won more trophies, it has risen more levels, etc. …

  • An illuminated icon to indicate whether that person is active (playing)

  • Optional for each member: A small flag of the country of origin of each member next to his name.

  • Chat: Any small secure fit that would help to improve. Chat also while we are in a battle. There is a free line up.

  • New Troops:

Millenary / Ancient ( the big ones): With all manna colours.

We have the Four Horsemen, but what about his boss? Apocalypses

And likewise the elementary need a leader Elemental God

Kraken: this one sounds like is going to be implemented early

Gaia : Summon a insect plague / pest (new effects)

Anu ( anunnakis )

Enki - Enlil - The Sumerian Gods - Emerald table


Lucifer (Luzbel) “one of the seven deadly sins” - invokes a random demon

Juggernaut :

A lot more:

The seven deadly sins without Lucifer (light bearer)pride / soberbia

Asmodeo (Azmodan) (Arimos) - Lust / Lujuria
Belcebu (Belzebub) - Lord of the Flies (moscas) Gluttony / gula
Mammon - Greed / avaricia, codicia
Belfegor - Sloth / pereza
Amon (aamon) - Anger / ira
Leviatan (Leviathan) - Envy / envidia

Mythological : A lot of them based in three cultures (Egypt, Greece; Roman.)

Hera - Apolo - Atenea - Hades - Zeus - Poseidon - Ares - Hermes- Osiris - Anubis - Bastet - Horus - Ptah - Isis - Seth - Ra - Baco - Persefone … many more ( the translation varies too )

And a lot of different types:

Medussa (with petrification new effect) - Minotaur - Knight Dead - Mud Grey - Black Dragon - Basilisk - Bigfoot - Yeti - Harpy - Decapitated -Elemental Lich (with stop time new effect) - Kobold - Inquisitor - Mummy - Hobbit
and why not; Attack - armor - magic - life…
And also the zodiac ones.

  • New Classes:

    Archangel - Beast master - Ninja - Monk Warrior - Scholar - Goblin - Viking - Samurai - Siren

  • Clock Game:

    Sometimes you miss watching the clock to see how many hours have you being playing.
    It would be useful to implement a clock with real game time ( I mean origin country ) and another adjacent with country time of player.

  • New section for store:

Miscellany / Old events: A place to get weapons and troops of old events. Not necessary needs to be cheap.

  • New Kingdoms:

Reign of Sin:(Theory) : There are 133316666 demons (the third of the angels), spread over 666 legions of 6666 demons each one with 66 dukes. Seven princes ruled. The Seven deadly sins. (new troops)

Nephilim: They are mention in the bible. (in another bible version but they are mentioned)
book of Genesis - cap 6

   1 Y ACAECIÓ que, cuando comenzaron los hombres á multiplicarse sobre la faz de la tierra, y les nacieron   hijas,
   2 Viendo los hijos de Dios que las hijas de los hombres eran hermosas, tomáronse mujeres, escogiendo entre todas.
   3 Y dijo Jehová: No contenderá mi espíritu con el hombre para siempre, porque ciertamente él es carne: mas serán sus días ciento y veinte años.
   4 Había gigantes en la tierra en aquellos días, y también después que entraron los hijos de Dios á las hijas de los hombres, y les engendraron hijos: éstos fueron los valientes que desde la antigüedad fueron varones de nombre.

chapter 6

1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born,
2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men were beautiful, and they took them women, chose.
3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.
4 There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men, and they bore children: these were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown

Nephilim - The Fallen Ancient heroes

And a lot of possibilities and new storylines about:

Mutants - Prison island - Ship Graveyard (with Ghost Ship) - Other Planes (realities) Kingdoms - Glass - Jungle (El Dorado) - City in the sky - Elemental Kingdom - The Rift (fault) - Volcanic Islands - Rainbow Lands

  • Weeks of Double Resources:

    While ago they miss those weeks with double bonus of glory and gold.
    Why not recover sometimes.

  • New personal item:

Amulet ( A lot of possibilities) for example it could give a small bonus: 5% more glory, gold, souls.

  • More Items:

Armor: New classes like Amber - Glass - Obsidian - Blood, …

  • New Cosmetics, customizations :

Hair pigtails (coletas)
Freckles (pecas)
Hair crest (cresta)
Eye patch (parche)
Scars (cicatrices)
Ear/Nose pending’s (pendientes)
Masks (máscaras) - Egyptian Pharaoh, Ninja, Tribal.

  • Missions contracts:

To return to repeat missions and resuming them useful for players could be created a kind of new game based on contracts missions kingdoms. Completing again quests. (Hard work).

With their respective rewards and also seals will be allowed.

  • Country Battles:

This could be a good idea to meet people who plays GoW of the same country.
Participants will have to sign indicating country and city and if is possible receive a verification by devs to avoid cheats or undesirable people.
Australia and Usa logically have more players than the other countries so it would have a more careful selection.
After a time you can choose the bests of each country and make international tournaments.
There is a map that could help people to see players for countries View map | and a link to sign in by @collectorofgems here Where are we all enjoying this wonderful game? .

  • New Category for Forum:

Brainstorming - I´m sure that developers many times bang their heads thinking about names or articles for troops, kingdoms, skills, anything imaginable.
You have here a big community with a lot of ideas and ingenious so why not create a section where you ask the players about it. Obviously giving little clues like male - female or similar

  • New weapons:

Chains of heaven (cadenas de los cielos) - +8 damage against demon
Dehumanizing (deshumanizador) - +8 damage against human
Resuscitator (resucitador) - invokes an skeleton or a zombie
Howls of Death (aullidos de muerte) - placed between 1-3 death marks
Excalibur - Shatters an enemy armor and instils fear/dread (new effect)
Shurik´n - Hits an enemy deal 20 damage and poisons. gives an extra turn. Maybe a ninja class weapon.
Boomerang - When it is thrown distributed 15 points damage to all enemies, and causing another 15 when it returns.
Illuminator - Deal 10 damage to all undead enemies and clean all allies.
Reinforcer - Increases armor, attack and life of all allies in 2 points
Souls Steals (robaalmas) - Steal 10 manna points and cause 10 real damage in a enemy. Win 2 souls.
Broken Will (voluntad quebrada) - Tangle and causes burning an enemy and produces one of this random effects: ( yes difficult to implement )

  • Mutes the enemy

  • Reduced the magic of the enemy to 0

  • Devours the enemy

  • Transform the enemy into a ghoul

  • Causes 15 damage to carrier

  • Heals 10 life points to hero

  • Causes 15 damage to the enemy

  • Increase armor by 8 points

  • Gives an extra turn

    • Potions (new miscellaneous)

Every hero turn you can move, cast a spell or drink a potion
Examples: Health, armor, Increases Magic…

  • New Effects:

Fear/Dread: once a enemy affected by fear, is full loaded manna, he cant´s attack or use magic this turn
Petrification: similar to freeze, maybe more longer in time
Insect plague/Pest : envelops enemy even an insect pest that keep him doing nothing. It can spread to nearby enemies
Stop Time : when is cast have 2 extra turns
Electrification : Envelop an enemy in electric damage. It can spread to nearby enemies.

  • New Avatars:

Demon - Crocodile - Robot - Amazon - Skeleton - Angel

  • New Store Packs:

This available every week by 200 glory.

3 glory keys
5 gold keys
300 gold
100 souls

And This one by money:

1 Random legendary
1 Random cosmetic
1 random bonus for a week ( 5% glory, gold, souls)
2 random big traitstones
1000 souls

  • Global ranking lists: and public recognition (rewards)

Player of the week
Member of the community of the week
Guild of the week
Most progression player in the week
Most progression guild in the week
More battles in the week
More attack/invade wins in the week
More defense wins in the week
more progression new player
Best Blog/Post of the week - month
Post with more likes received
Best Reply - comment

And also rewards of the week: Provided by developers of: player of the week, guild of the week, and more.
And if they are good rewards of months, years…

And why not: Top 10 Gow every month - (for example)

1 Sirrian
2 Nimhain
3 Tacet
4 Lyya
5 …

( Don´t hit me @Nimhain, @Tacet and @Lyya it was an example ) I don´t think @Sirrian wants too is the number 1, Lol

And what about special troops or weapons to reward this people, could be easy. For example Tacet a Dragon, Sirrian maybe a weapon or a new effect. etc…


  • Make possible get the armour DeadKnight for example: with 2000 gems and 30000 gold. And Also restore old weapons of old events to could collect all of them. And of course new weapons ( A lot of options also).

  • New achievements :

Climb to level 300
Got 200 different troops
Got 100 weapons
Unlock 9 Hero classes
Win 50 battles PvP in the same week
Use traitstones to unlock the 3 characteristics of a troop
Level up a kingdom to 5 stars
Unlock 25 kingdoms
Ascends or gets a mythical troop
Put a cosmetic in your avatar
Win 30 defense battles
Contribute in a guild till a month
Get 3000 seals (accumulative)

  • New Weekly Event : Broadcast Live with commentators/moderators

Individual Player : All against All. Matches between 10 players in real time. Qualifying tournament.
20 players - 10 by invite , 6 random , 4 by public vote
Minimum level members maybe 300, to not excessive difference.

Collective (Guilds) : Matches between members of different guilds (maybe Guild Wars also)
10 Guilds - ( between 2-4 players for guild , internal vote) , 5 by invite, 3 Random, 2 by public vote.
Minimum guilds with 6 members and 600 or more less rank
This one could be by points. Victory = 1 point

Both of them with an official chat moderated. And why not Players vs. Devs. (in the future)

  • Real Time Pvp:

This one could make many troubles in game experience so I wish if it´s be implemented to be apart of PvP vs. IA. Of course they must be a limit of time per turn maybe 7 seconds (time enough). But there is more information and discuss about this by @AboveOmnipotence here Next Big Step....REAL Online Pvs.P and by @illusion here Real Time Battle Concept

I hope this thread be useful for someone, and I wish if any idea here became a good idea of somebody.
If only one thing is good to be debated the work will be useful.

Thank you for devoting some of your time to read it and I hope it is to enjoy a little. Everything is free to discuss, together we can made better things.

 Ono Palaver

Some good ideas in here. Some are a little impractical, but hopefully the developers will take a look and see what they can add to the game.

Algunas buenas ideas aquí. Algunos no son prácticos, pero esperemos que los desarrolladores pueden echar un vistazo y ver lo que pueden añadir al juego.

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A lot of great ideas actually. Some I wish they would/could implement.

-global ranking list
-player of the week/guild/etc.
-playing icons would be cool, but hard to implement on consoles. Impossible pretty much.
-flag of origin would be pretty cool.
-Administrator of guild is something I’ve been thinking about as well. The game has been getting a lot of face-lifts since it’s been out for 2 years now. Guild ranks and options could be reworked.

Love the thought and creativity. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for comments and reply. It was think for pc. I´ve not play in console or mobile, so I don´t know really how is GoW in them. But of course I also think there are many things so difficult to implement in the game.

Is time for devs to decide if is something good and viable to work on it.

Feel free to contribute. We can get the best experience working all together. Thanks.

Update sign in and for the moment it be the last. No more lot of ideas and opinions.

Of course I have a lot more but there are only in firsts steps so they need revision. Now if something likes people and wants to makes some changes in the original idea is free to do it of course, that´s is the plan of this thread.
Here is nothing definitive only a lot of stuff to review and discuss. So feel free to make your own topics of similar things.

Glad to help in my little way.

Thanks all for time and patient, enjoy and have fun.

i like this one a lot

the troops looks cool but i wish less of an actual demon names calling :sweat: that kind of thing (depending on your religion) can actually influence your reality/afterlife

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How about a trait called ‘outback’?
Basically you can match gems off the left or right hand side of the board with the gems on the opposite side. You could have another variation where you can do similar with the top and bottom of the screen too. Or even a legendary trait which would be’ no boundaries ’ where you could swap on opposite sides or top and bottom. What do you think?

A latest recieved cards tab with like all cards showing you got in your last keys use so when you crash while opening chests or clicked away on accident you can still figure that out. Also higher chance for runics in explore cause getting 10 minors in a row in a mode specifically designed for higher traitstones is just absurd.


I don’t mind the minor traitstones. It’s the major traitstones that I think they should take right out of Explore.


Uh, as much as I want to yell “YES PLEASE” because runics is what I’m lacking, badly… lets not miss the point of explore (or how it works). It has drop rates for high traitstones increased, yes, x2 for runics and x3 for arcanes - but that does not mean we should be getting only those. The x2 doesn’t mean you’ll get twice as many runics as minors (sadly?).

If the default chance (in pvp for example) is 5% for arcane and 10% for runics, then in explore it’ll be 15% for arcane and 20% for runics (and those are heavily inflated example numbers I used, the already “buffed” rate for arcanes in explore is 5-6%, so even with runic at 20% that’d still leave like 50% for a minor and 25% for those dreadful majors).

That said I would really like a little higher runic drop rate there at the cost of majors.

and that was mentioned before too, one great way of spending the stockpiled TH maps right there, I’d gladly pay with maps (even with gems probably, but that’s just me) to turn off Major traitstones in explore altogether for some period of time.