Quite a bit of SUGGESTED Features


1. A Point To Races - Right now its just a cosmetic, this NEEDS expansion! Maybe +1 and -1 to certain Masteries? Less mana cost with less attack dealt or reversed, More armor with less life or reversed, and maybe a trait depending on chosen race. Eventually, and sometimes rather sooner than later, the “Hero” will get swapped out for better troop cards, making him/her a rarely used card. The premium armor should stay as is, but the races for the Hero needs a point to choosing because ultimately, we’re not gonna care about what we look like if our hero is not really useful.

2. Kingdom Comparison - Where it shows what this kingdom gives you IF you set it as Home, there needs to be a comparison when making your choice. If it gives more of something than the current, color the numbers green with a +, if it gives less of something than the current, color the numbers red with -. This will make choosing a Home Kingdom a LOT less annoying & tedious.

3. Tribute Countdown by Kingdom - Add a countdown to each Kingdom in the Tribute section of the Kingdom, this way we will know WHEN we can expect a tribute from each Kingdom.

4. Troop Lists By Kingdom has Stars - When going to Troop Lists and sorting by the Kingdom they are from, the List should have a star under or beside the Icon for that kingdom. This way when we’re trying to increase the bonuses, we don’t have to leave the Troop window to check the map & see if we got that extra star.

5. PVP Expanded Ranks & Match System - Instead 15 being the lowest, it should be at LEAST 30, and the Match System should ACTUALLY match the players by RANK (not Rank 1 vs Rank 15 or Rank 10 vs Rank 3 - It should be of SAME rank with stars included). Plus when we have 5 days to reach rank 1 an there’s only 15 ranks total, it makes our PVPing pretty short, especially if we’re able to get from the lowest to the highest in just a few hours or less.
There needs to be a Tier system added to ranks as well. 3 to 5 Tiers, lowest tier has the most ranks and highest tier has the least, but each tier from lowest to highest should have more star requirements to achieve higher ranks. PVPing should NOT be easy, it SHOULD be challenging, especially considering the rewards. And there should be Top Seat rank as well that can be lost more easily than all the other ranks (Someone attacks & wins, you revenge & lose, you lose the seat & you are replaced by the one you were beaten by).

6. Trading Trait stones & Selling Weapons - The trading bit should be equal to the stone being exchanged (Should NEVER allow the trading of a Minor stone for a Greater stone). Basically trades should be done via guild members since right now there’s no real way to contact other players other than through guilds. Basically it would help to be able to trade off a stone you don’t need for a stone you do need for a specific card.
Also inevitably we’re going to have far better weapons and the ones we have but don’t intend to ever use (unless we want to hurt our chances of winning a battle) and it would be nice to be able to sell the weapons we don’t need for souls, gold, glory, gems (if premium), souls, and/or keys. Or else heck, make so we can exchange a weapon for a Mastery. Of course it would be permanent with no way of getting the weapon back, but just add that little warning. And in my personal opinion, Weapons should NEVER be traded or sold to other players (they’re gonna get most of the weapons anyways).

7. Use Souls/Stones to Change a Card’s Traits - There’s some cards that we’ll come across that we REALLY like, but don’t much like their traits. With this option we could use Souls or Stones to change the trait for that card, BUT it would be randomized (unable to choose exactly what trait), and whatever we used to make the change will be used AND whatever trait is given will replace the current one (no undoing). The Risk vs Reward would be pretty high cause say you have a card that gets extra souls, you change it an could possibly get a random skill modifier for allies/enemies, or you could get something better. This would make PVP battles a lot more challenging and some of the previous benefits for PVE would be different than the enemies. If using Souls, the cost should be 150 for the 1st trait, 300 for the 2nd, and 500 for the 3rd. If using stones, 10 Majors for 1st, 5 Runics for 2nd, and 3 Arcanes for 3rd.

Thats all I got for now :slightly_smiling:


NEEDED by whom, I wonder… Anyways, some feedback on the points:

  1. Heroes are getting lots of upgrades in the next patch so expect them back in teams. The race part is only cosmetic (like gender) which is fine by me; agree some more variety on races / armour appearance / other customisation of looks would be nice.

  2. Choosing home kingdom makes a minor difference right now. If you want to see the difference in tributes look it up on this forum… This change feels unnecessary to me, devs have better things to do or fix.

  3. Tributes all come at once based on their probability, at most once an hour when you click to collect income. Not sure I understand your point; agree a timer to next income/tribute collection would be handy, but it only needs to show on home kingdom.

  4. That feels really unnecessary and cluttering up an already crowded interface… Never gonna display well on small phone screens. Sorry can’t care for this idea - just go back to the map if you really need to check…

  5. Agree with this idea, yep! I stroll to rank 1 in an hour or so every Monday, as will (I assume) most players once they reach a certain level / collection point… So it’s a bit meaningless as it is…

6a. Trading within guild etc is a nice idea but never going to happen because of the risk of real money exploits and appeal for bots and fraud etc…

6b. Selling unused weapons - yes agree we have a lot of cack weapons filling the cupboards… Not sure selling them is the answer, and they’d not be worth much…

  1. No, just no. Sorry - mad idea in my view… Traits are designed to fit the troop, both for lore reasons and gameplay / balance… (Okay so some of the ‘designs’ are a bit odd at the moment) - this idea becomes just reroll them all again and again until you get true shot and agile on troops of your choice…

Edit - no idea why that last point displays as 1 when it clearly says 7 on my text box…!


Exactly, the Traits the Meta views as the best (True Shot & Agile atm) will be on EVERY card, along with Huge imo.


Well I imagine True Damage would be one of those HIGH rarities. I’m mainly more annoyed with traits that say “remove/Gain one random skill point for ally/allies/self or enemy/enemies” and certain others that make a card practically useless.

For phones? I’ve played many different games that work for both computers and phones and they are pretty different in pretty much everything (interface especially), plus with some games they tend to work better on phones than on computers.

I may be suggesting features, but the Devs have the final say & they more than likely will change a LOT (if not ALL) my ideas regardless of how any of us feel about something.

  1. Race Bonuses - With 1.0.9 right around the corner we can expect a lot of changes taking place. It’s unknown how well this idea with clash with the update, so it’s best to hold off on these kinds of suggestions for the time being. (Unrelated: Cosmetics-wise, I’d personally love a few armor design option only able to be equipped over particular armors. For gems or straight-up cash.)

  2. Kingdom Comparing - Considering tributes are the only form of comparison, it’d be near useless to include such a feature (PC/Mobile-wsie at least). As it is you should already know what your Home Kingdom’s worth, so it’s as simple as checking a guide to determine the worth of the rest.

  3. Tribute Countdown - Yes for countdown. No for the “per kingdom” thing as it’s not actually a thing. All tributes are random on what you’ll earn, so Home Kingdom is the only place of importance.

  4. Troop List Stars - I do agree this would make it easier, especially via the kingdom sorting, but it wouldn’t be able to tell you how many points away you are anyways, so it’d be uselessly crowding in the long run. If we could add points as well without looking like a mess, I’d be all for it.

  5. PVP Expanded - Umm… please no. I’m not a fan of padding out something for the same result, nor is the competition aspect appealing in my opinion. A majority of people that play the game are casual in their playstyle (< Lvl100) so this would also hurt the majority that don’t want to play the game for several hours Day 1 to maximize glory intake, or compete for that top spot to emphasize the whole “Rich gets Richer” feeling.
    Also the match system change sounds honestly painful. If I wanted to be stuck competing against players 1-5 seats ahead of me, I’d have stuck to the lame “MMO” browser games that are trending on facebook.

  6. A: Trading Stones: Traitstones for Traitstones is one thing. Tratstones for cards would never work. I’d rather have a built-in feature to exchange weaker stones for better or vice-versa.
    B: Selling Weapons: Better idea, how about an option to hide weapons with a checkbox unless you click the “Show All” button. Only have 4 or 5 weapons you like to use? Bam! Problem solved! (A Favorite weapons checkbox could work too, automatically putting it at the top of your weapons list.)

  7. Trait Exchanging - No thanks. New traits are expected to be added next patch (whether part 1 or 2 is unknown, but still), so bad traits on good troops should be seeing some differences fairly soon™. Simply put, exchanging Traits should never be random even if it is ever introduced, because there are bad traits and good traits, and players with the good ones would just become better. (Lets try not to encourage p2w.)

Overall, I agree with about 2.5/7 suggestions. (3 of which I only half agree with.)
I can tell you’re the competitive type from these suggestions. Just know that not everyone is as interested in earning virtual cookie points and being “The Best” at a game built to pass a bit of time.

The countdown suggestion though, I’m all for that idea! (Also the first time I’ve seen it suggested, oddly enough.) I’ll give you a like just for that. :+1:


Given the time and effort you’ve put in to this, it might be more profitable for you to simply design your own game just the way you would like it and leave this one alone for those of us who like it the way it is.


Be nice… I didn’t agree with much of it, but this is a place for debate, not put downs…


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@Jainus I know you and I don’t always agree on suggested changes to the game, which is fine, as we have agreed to disagree. But don’t you ever get tired of “suggestions” that read more like demands, such as the OP in this thread? To me, “Quite a bit of NEEDED features” doesn’t even sound polite. It sounds more like “Make it the way I want it”, and that is what I object to more than anything else. I keep thinking that we’ve been given a wonderful gift with this game and while there is room for improvement, I do get annoyed when folks sound like they are demanding changes to suit themselves.


I agree 100%.


Yes it’s a bit annoying, hence my opening to my first response above… But there are worse things in life (and far ruder people have blighted this forum). I felt this one had enough thought to merit debate / explaining why I felt ideas wouldn’t work or please others…


Wow… I make a SUGGESTION in the SUGGESTION Category of the forum and I get called impolite (TITLE ALONE), people make assumptions about me as if I’m the bad guy, and I merely STATE A FACT - Its NOT up to ANY OF US but the Devs (Owners/Designers of the game) whether or not a feature (doesn’t matter who suggests it) is going to be implemented.

Not a place to put someone down (even though I NEVER intended to put anyone down), but COMPLETELY OK to bash the OP. Makes total sense!


The way people read a text is often not the same as the way a text is written, and a random Captain Capslock™ all over the post doesnt help here, cause it makes your posts look kinda passive-aggressive. That’s what I felt, when I read both the title and your post.

EDIT: Same goes for sarcasm btw. Even though I love sarcasm - it doesnt help make you come around like the friendliest dude.


None bashed you, please don’t take offense where none was intended. @riversong was mostly speaking out of frustration. There have been a few bad actors on three forums before who let their entitlement show to an extreme.

Besides that most of the response you got were thoughtful and went point by point through your suggestions in a positive way. Let’s focus on that and not let this interesting post devolve.


@ExVasterist I do not object to you making suggestions for improved game play. I object to your tone and your apparent sense of entitlement. Every one of your points states that something “NEEDS” to be this way or it “should be” that way. That phraseology is not a request, it’s a demand. I have no intention to bash you. I just wish you could be a little more polite.


I disagree with mostly all of them, for the same reasons @Jainus stated. I should add that I would actually disagree as well with the PvP change to 30 though, because PvP is not something I enjoy at all, and every Monday is just boring PvP grind for me, so increasing it would make me pretty sad. It’s easy and not that long, but I don’t enjoy it and don’t want it extended. Also, as an Arena player first of all, I actually always want more weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to see arena enhanced and made more important.


I would really be behind this, but knowing that they intend to release more common / rare troops is already good for me. More variety makes me happy. :slightly_smiling:


+1 to @Archenassa and @Machiknight re their suggestions regarding the arena. I’m particularly fond of the arena as well.


+1 from me as well. - Enjoy arena mostly

BTW, nice avatar River. ( I miss her too :wink: )