Bravo! what a fantastic game. A chance for summoned troops?

I just wanted to offer some feedback. I have been playing the mobile game for several months now. I’m not really competitive, I just enjoy the game play and all the quests, challenges, etc but I do like pvp as well.

Primarily I want to thank you for this game. It is a rare treasure in the app store. It is so intricate, detailed and creative, I really never get bored. But what astounds me is that I’ve been able to do so much for free. All the ingame currency is not at all restrictive because you are very generous with all the opportunities to get the currency. I love the factors of randomness and surprise, from the chests to the unexpected outcomes of some games. I love this game so much I kind of feel bad that I haven’t spent any money, like I’m taking advantage of your generosity. Still can’t believe, with all the hard work that clearly has been dedicated to this game and the continued additions, that you’re basically giving it to players like me without expectation of payment. In this age of freemium and shameless greed, you’re a beam of sunshine through the clouds of the mediocre and the swindlers. And I will purchase something when I’m able, because you deserve compensation for creating a game that is so amazing.

My suggestions are minor. But it would be nice if there was a bit more explanation on the soulforge aspect. Other than the traitstones I am unclear about the things that you can craft, that is, their purpose and I don’t want to spend resources without knowing what I’m doing. Some more information would be helpful.

The other suggestion is in the case of summoning cards, it would be great if there was some way to acquire the troops that can be summoned, some way to earn those specific cards, whether gems or gold or whatever. For example, if I have the batswarm there should be some way to get the umberwolf, even if it’s expensive. Or if the card summons random spiders I should be able to acquire any spider that I don’t have. That way I can level up these troops that I am likely to be playing with. I’m only asking for a specific case of summoned troops because if you can purchase any unowned troop that would take all the fun out of the collecting and surprise, etc. But with the summoned troops I think I have a solid case that I should be able to improve the troops that are in effect a part of of my deck. Not saying it should be a given, I’m fine with paying gems or what not, I’d even pay moderate cash for someone I really want. I would like the option.