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@Dorgath And I really do enjoy Gems of War a lot. Its very easy to start and stop. And for my schedule its perfect.

Easy to stop? Could you remind me of that at 3am in the morning before I start my thousandth Explore battle.

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Salty, Kafka and I regularly log into global chat (especially kafka). If you do not see this it is due to time zone restrictions. Kafka goes out of her way to spend time in global chat, even erring into lunch time, as do others. We have many other duties to attend to so we can’t spend time in global chat as much as we like.

There is a limit to our resources and time as studio. We are not WoW, even in its early days. The community and support team are here to channel your feedback, suggestions, complaints, and concerns and in my opinion we do this sufficiently if not very well. We all play the game, and some devs are able to do so a little more (if they don’t have external commitments, for example). Sirrian and Nim have enough on their plate and it is our job to do to liaise with you guys now. :slight_smile:

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  1. The last comment done mentioning ‘easy to start and stop’ would essentially be a derailment if you wanted to be hard nosed about it. When it was just a short comment on how nice the game is.

And what keeps this post in kind to the thread is being marked for a response that requires a reply (otherwise people would refrain from @ usage). My initial reply was in respects to that while GoW developers have an affinity for their game that they are not the only ones who care for games they develop. Often times decimating someones post to fragments achieves a sort of convoluted interpretation, or telephone game. And my focus even in the original post, and even now, is not picking on a game or its developers. I enjoy the game simply put. My main comment was and is and has been about that they are not the only ones who cared for their games (re-reading my initial post will show this to be the main connection). And that is the point that should be noticed. As for my addition to the thread as per game improvement that is also seen in my initial reply, as PvP (Player vs Player), albeit only a short paragraph. Then seemingly being called out for those replying to me. It would be appreciated if a reply was not required/needed that the @ symbol was not used. It has always made me feel rude not to reply. I am the same in real life. I always speak when spoken to. I will always reply if @'d. So when does a thread derail? When I made a comment that’s in-line with the thread (see initial reply). Or replying to those that reply to me?

If anything is to be seen as derailing from the original topic if replying to someone is indeed doing that. Then those who have earmarked me for @ in reply have exceeded that parameter.

@Sin_Ogaris Yes I understand. Its really fun and sometimes hard to put down. I mean start and stop as in I’m often busy so have to leave between battles. But can sit back down and enjoy where I left off.

One thing I wanted to have they are adding which is raid battles! So excited about it. I would like to improve Guild Wars as well, but at this point not sure I have any thoughts that would be sufficiently worthwhile in any end means. My only suggestion really for Guild Wars would be to remove tiers and just keep it random and evenly matched guilds. Though think others enjoy the tier battling.

A interesting thing to do I think would be if they allowed for arena teams. So we could get friends and others into a team and compete with other teams.

This might be a improvement or some might see it more as a visual tweak. I would like to have spell effects more clear than they are now. The particles for some do make it difficult for me to know what they are being affected by. IE frozen for me is hard to see, unlike the old frozen.

@efceddy I did actually miss your post initially. I do read a thread in full if I can. I had thoughts about this myself as well. About a cap or people using the same exact troop or team so many times. My thought to it was and still is creating a dynamic system that debuffs the more common used troop that week automatically, and buffs the lesser used ones. This also goes for teams as well. This way it would encourage diversity and wider troop mixing. This wouldn’t detract from using the more popular ones over just debuff them a bit because of this heavier use. Maybe someone would say this would detract.

I also have vision problems and every time the board shakes it doesn’t help. It would be helpful if in options we could disable board shaking. Would help my tired old eyes focus more on matching gems, and I am sure many others with similar issues.