New mechanics for troop suggestion - very good!

Hello friends, so I think sometime to solve problems faced here by fellow players. One of these I design fix for, that is the problem of advanced player against new player. I think a new troop mechanic should be to remove all ascension or level up of a enemy troop - only temporary of course ! See this mean the enemy troop that is good is still used, but revert back to eg: rare status from Mythic and lose the bonus. This even up the play but still the big player get use the troop they want, but more even for little player. What you think ?

That would be the Arena minigame. Cheers.


Arena mini game nothing do with PvP. Very different. I suggest for PvP mechanic. You seem lost.

Nowhere did you mention PvP in your original post. Moreso, when I play with my alt account in PvP, I am mostly pared against people of comparable level and strength. Yes the hard fight has some more advanced troops that may be traited which is why it’s the hard fight.

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I think you challenged person, not understand the concept. Is very clear mechanic for PvP. Who play Arena ? What waste of time. Like play treasure map, again waste of time except for kid. But I make my suggestion so please respect.

Again, nothing in your original post even hinted at “PvP” so if that was your suggestion, then you should have been more clear about that. Stated the way it was, there is a game more like that already. Plenty of people play Arena, even high level players so I doubt it is a “waste of time”. If you feel that way, that is fine. It is your own opinion after all, and I fully respect your right to make a suggestion.

This is just a hard-to-code and unintuitive way of simply reducing the enemy’s stats. Lots of spells do that already… so not interested in this idea at all, sorry…


Well then Jianus, I think you wrong here. You see all Gem of Wars effects are one thing or other but end up either buff or debuff. This just another fun way to add different ability for troop and debuff enemy troop, see ? Make perfect sense.

My advice, be kind to fellow people on the forums. Don’t call anyone a “challenged person” just because they didn’t see what you were trying to say. It’s never good to pair being rude to people along with putting a space between your last word and your question mark.

The last person to do that got quite a lengthy ban. Unless… :scream:


Huh ? What you say mean rude Zippy ? Why you say I rude ? I never rude, always manners, even beggar on street. Sometimes I ruffle the child’s hair and be loving.

Your proposed mechanic doesn’t help much against late game cards- A mythic will stay mythic, for example, and a legendary won’t have as far to fall. It basically just penalizes players for using more common cards. Other than that, I agree with Jainus- mechanically, your idea is just an all-stats-down that applies differently to different troops. Older players would still have an advantage based on their deck-building skill, selection of cards to choose from, and kingdom bonuses.


Yes, it seems to me that on this forum bans just cause the offender to create a new account.

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