Make old Mythic up to date

Look at how Ubastet draw a Nerf call. and look at how repeated meta team appears in the PVP.

I hope Dev can Buff or at least make some old mythic’s power up to date?

Look at those old Mythic almost got forgotten, War, Plague, Gargantaur…I like their concept, such as, Org hit meat on meat. But their ability is really not playable, Gargantaur just not a qualified Orc, not refill, low damage. at least not Mythic ystic level.

Who don’t want a 4 horseman team. 4 Apocalypse Knights! Wow! In fact, 4 horseman team is unplayable at all.

An good example is how Gar’Nok got re-designed. Made him from useless to a fun and real org leader.

Please keep Gem of war its diversity. Instead of making more and more new Mythic, please take a look at those old guys. Let us have more choice and fun to different Mythic troop.


I think you mean mythic instead of mystic. Mythic is the highest troop rarity, and mystic is a troop type.

Thank you! I have updated to Mythic :sweat_smile:

I totally agree, instead of making a new one, dev’s should take a break next month and update the abilities and traits of the old ones to make them playable again.

Abynissia and Plague especially need a rework since I don’t think I have ever encountered either (except random explore) and can’t find any meaningful way to use them, though I’d really like to.
Gargantaur and Shade are useless, (speaking of which, if Fist of Zorn is empowered how come it starts with no mana when summoned, make it so you summon one but empowered, summoning 2 of the same troop with no mana is just dumb).
Stonehammer is another one that no one uses because he generates random red and brown, which is far more likely to feed mana to your opponent. He is only useful in in first position so he can’t be such a mana suck and give up its turn so easily. So make him generate less but only 1 color, or just make him explode a few.
Finally I would love it if they reworked the apocalypse troops so that they would work well together and you could use the 4 horsemen, at least in explore since 4 mythics would probably be useless in pvp.