Rebalance is a new black?

Long ago when you’ve started the thing with Legends reborn I had thoughts you’re going to fix all the issues about power creeping, when long introduced troops have no meaning at all years later. I don’t even talk about traits like “Immune to poison”, the weakest and worst debuff ever existing at this point.

Anyway, since you’ve dropped the idea of rebalancing kingdoms, but suddenly bothered with journeys and cosmic dragons, how about to fix at least the mythics as well? I can name a few mythics not worth a single key wasted on those.

Fallen valdis - outdated stats and traits A New Mythic Approaches – Fallen Valdis – Gems of War
Mithrilion - has no use in any teams A New Mythic Approaches – Mithrilion – Gems of War
Nefertani - weak damage and traits Pharaoh Nefertani - Troops - Gems of War Database
Worldbreaker - outplayed by every dragon introduced last years, but costs as much as the best of them The Worldbreaker - Troops - Gems of War Database

If someone has used those troops properly lately, let me know. I didn’t see any of those for 3 years.


Worldbreaker definitely needs a mana reduction for sure. It’s great troop but needs very careful team planning to make it viable.


The Worldbreaker saw some light play with the Centaur Journey troop, but that’s because there’s barely any useable Centaurs. Definitely could use changes.


I use nefertani a lot.
Ino it’s weak, but I like it’s death mark, plus love the troop graphics.
Mithrillion iv used about 6 months ago.
I use plague and dao a lot.
I just love using different troops tho, as it’s fun, takes longer to win. But games are ment to be fun.
I’m defo an exception.:grin:

Other Mythics that can use a rework are Gargantuar, Shade of Zorn, Queen Aurora, Will of Nysha, Wulfgarok, Ahries, Abyssinia, the list goes on.