Buff them topic?

Theres enough of topics asking for nerfs, but not enough asking for bufs. Heres my go at buffs:

Mythic troops that need buffs -

Death - its spell and traits aren’t working to good together. Considering the recent nerf of death mark, Deaths spell does need some love. Make the damage true damage. Maybe even increase the boost ratio to 2:1 Deaths total HP. Death of 100 HP would still deal less damage total than a Crimson Bat against full enemy team.

Draakulis - change third trait to - steal 2 life from enemy on 4/5 matches. Would make a much more fun troop, and a bit strogner. Current third trait is useless because Draak isnt a front troop skull em to death troop.

Elemaugrim - small increase to its base number of gems created. Create 9 purple gems boosted by burning enemies 1:1.

Gard Avatar - troop as a whole is good. But its second trait is absurd. The trait needs a buff. Gain 1 armor at start of each turn? So after a single damage to it Gard would need 50 turns to recover without taking more damage in the meantime. Yeah, thats impossible. That trait should recover a 10% of total armor each turn. It would be a lot better, but still not broken.

Jotnar - Giant Bond. Bond traits are not worth rarity of a common but here we have it given to a Mythic? I think a change from GB to arcane would be good. Jotnar does look very arcane-a-like to me. Also a general suggestion to change Bond traits to increase related tribes HP by 20% (it actives only once and is a dead trait after). Maybe also switch Jotnars spell damage so it also deals half of the true damage to adjusting troops (like ketras does now)

Ketras - reduce cost to 20. Boost to bond trait like already suggested (increase HP by 20% of the releated troop tribe).

Stonehammer - reduce cost to 20. Impervious as second trait, and give double skull damage against stunned enemies on first trait. Maybe also increase third trait to 100% reducation.

War - decrease cost to 20

Wulfgarok - decrease cost to 20. Increase boost ratio to x5.

I’m just posting about mythic troops here as typing in all of the troops would be huge amount of text. If theres a general interest, i can do same suggestion for legendary troops etc. What are your opinions on suggested buffs? Would you do something different?


Bring Jinx back to Famine. Ty.


Also can we please have any word from devs about any of this? Especialy regarding Bond traits.

Gard and Ketras don’t need any buffs. If anything Gard is too strong but not in a gamebreaking way so noone cares.
Ketras is a powerhouse now and the spellcost is appropriate to the damage he deals imho, but i am not opposed to another buff to a troop i use regularily :wink:

I agree or don’t have a particular opinion on the others, aside from Jotnar.
His spell needs to be completely reworked. It will allways be terrible as long as it is a true damage concept, scaling with other Giants in the team, when there is no other freaking Giant around synergizing with that in any way. What’s the point in having a single true damage troop in the team(that also can’t kill stuff alone in any effective way) when all the other Giant Meatbags keep hammering down the armor of the enemies?


Well Ketras spell cost reducation would be sweet in my eyes but not a must :slight_smile:
Also buffs I mentioned for Gard and Ketras is in regarding to their traits. You dont think that reinforced trait should be changed (buffed?). Gard as a troop is great, but his second trait spot might as well be empty.
Same goes for Ketras Bond trait. It might as well be empty text. Those traits need buff.


Agree with all of these except for Gard. He’s plenty strong already, and I kind of like that he has an Achilles’ heel in that he’s much less useful with broken armor. Top priorities in my opinion should be Death and Wulfgarok - the former because of Death Mark and the latter because GW troops get a better trait. I like that he’s situational and specialized, but he’s too handicapped right now relative to others.


Yeah i get the point about the Tier1 near useless trait, but improving his armor regeneration in a significant way also eats a bit at the very basic way(just damage it) of countering the troop, which currently is what makes a troop of that immense power acceptable in all ranges of play.
If his trait got an upgrade i’d rather see it be a good trait that has nothing to do with regenerating his armor at all.

Give him Stoneskin :grin:


Death is… okay. Not bad, not great. He can still wipe entire teams with his spell if you don’t bring a counter. If you don’t, he is still solidly on the “do not let cast even once” list.

Drakkulis - Fine as is. The skull trait is niche, but it can come in handy sometimes. Makes him even harder to kill if you’ve been ignoring him and he gets a spell off, and the second spell is often lethal. Granted, it is one of the weaker traits, but thats also a consequence of traits having hard numbers that don’t scale. Better than the bat if you are using the sacrifice team, since he can’t be deathmarked.

Elemaugrim - lets have them fix ALL gem spawner issues before changing the number of gems spawned. 9 doesn’t even feel particularly reliable on a 20+ board currently. Mana cost is too high for the magnitude of effect (but fix spawners first, because this is contributory)

Gard’s Avatar - Fine as is. Reinforced is a garbage trait, but he isn’t exactly screaming for buffs.

Jotnar - Arcane would be nice. So would Insulated. He feels really, really vulnerable and not really deadly in his current state, and still has overall terrible synergy with giants.

Ketras - His trait should have always been 3/3/3, but that might be a bit much given his current boost ratio. Does a lot of damage now, so I’d say fine as is.

Stonehammer - Needs 20 mana (and 9/9 spawns, once that is fixed). He is a wall in a meta where everyone has a ladder, sledgehammer, or a freaking atomic bomb. And now, Enrage exists. On a troop that takes colors that he spawns (and will miss the extra turn on).

War- After his last buff, War seems pretty reasonable to me. Still not seen much, but having an extra turn condition, a bit of damage reflect to ensure his skull hits are deadly if you are trading blows and a spell that can also be lethal without outside influence makes him alright in my book.

Wulfgarok - 20 mana and x5 boost ratio would be great. Hes not bad, but it is rather difficult to damage enemies into that sweetspot where he can finish them with his spell when he does the most skull damage but less spell damage than an average common. Kinda cumbersome really, I’ve rarely used him without Forest Guardian backup. Impervious is his saving grace, I’d have totally written him off if not for that.

Add one of mine

Aurora - Magnitude of effect is too low for her mana cost. Also, as a random spawner is extremely hazardous to your health (unless this is fixed). Buff the effect (target hersself and/or cleanse), lower the mana (20ish) or both.


My only thing is the weekly Buffs should not be 25+ to stats … why do I say that for one those who have built up their teams from scratch, by levelling Kingdoms, getting them starred and levelling and traiting troops to get like 20 or more through effort not from oh this week your troop gets 25+ reduce it to 20 it will balance out that way for players who are starting out and can get a feel for what they eventually can get, because current weekly event buff your troop can be untraited possibly even common card troop and still get 25+ that’s my cents not sure on a definitive answer.

We now have a group of Beta testers that I am sure would be honored to try out tons of troops rework examples from the Devs, before they officially releases them. I am fully aware that we just had an Orc Rework, but we still have 300 troops or so to take from, so if we get some reworks every week it would be cool. Troop reworks should get a lot more of attention, as now we are at Unity also, hopefully means we will see more reworks.

Ork rework was a success in my eyes. If all things get reworked like that, that would be awesome. I would also be happy to test any troops rework, but no one is offering :cry:

The group as it is looks okay, I believe there is 4-5 experienced players in the beta tester group. I just hope that the Devs wil continue to use them when it comes to test out examples of buffed troops, if they expands the group, well they wont struggle find anyone to help them.

Experience playing a game doesn’t equal experience testing a game. If it did, I would like to believe they wouldn’t have released such a version with so many issues… From my perspective the testers failed big time.

For god sake, lets not start. They were all great experienced players that have been here in this game for a long time, and have superior understanding of the game and its mechanisms. Many of the bugs came AFTER the release of the new patch, something one can never prevent. There was no major bugs in the Beta-version for the Beta-testers, the day before it officially got released. I watched Tacet a lot under the period in his stream.

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Just wondering what kind of knowledge apart from playing the game for extended period of time should a person have to be able to spot a bug?
You know, they arent testing code, they are just doing play testing to see if something doesn’t work the way it should work.

I wasn’t starting anything simply stating my opinion on the matter, but since you desire to call me to task for stating something that is ostensibly obvious the virtually anyone else…so be it. If you got a team of players that can’t even spot spell description errors they probably shouldn’t be in the role of testers. Simply look at the forum and the number of issues related to the patch over that were missed and many still aren’t correct. You want to call that a successful testing and release?

You must understand what I tell you. Many of the bugs came with the release of the new Patch. Those was not in the Beta-version that they tested. This game has an history that upon releases of new patches something strange occur and somehow bugs is floating in.

You can be free to laugh at @tacet @jainus @Shimrra @Lyya that was some of the Beta testers. But I would not take that road if I were you. These are some solid players filled with experiences from toe to top, man.

  1. There were also numerous bugs filed that were either acknowledged or not, but not fixed once found.
  2. The speed of the release took us by surprise – we all expected at least one or two more rounds of test builds to go out before release.
  3. There were something like six of us.
  4. You can’t expect a small set of players – who are not being paid, mind you – to test every facet of the game’s surface area. That’s what an actual QA team and regression tests are for. Beta testers are there to give you preliminary player perspectives, or to find issues that’ll only exist in the field.

@Gilgamesh Just a couple things to clarify things:

1: Not all bugs that the beta testers reported were actually fixed. I assume this was due to their time restraints.

2: The test servers given to test act a bit differently than the real servers. Most notably PvP was extremely unrealistic compared to actual PvP and we did not get to test much with guild wars.

3: All beta testers reported problems with their spare time and did so for free.