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New Match 4/5 Trait (Deeper Knowledge)

3rd trait for a Legendary or Mythic Troop.

Deeper Knowledge: Increase the mana cap of a random enemy by 1.

Example: Match 4 and an enemy Kraken’s mana cap is now 18 instead of 17.

Sorry but this is a bad idea


Sorry but imho the last thing we need is more troops messing with mana and hindering our ability to cast spells. We’re infested with famine, korvash, spirit fox, and this week moloch, already. There’s enough frustrating troops and traits. I want more fun, not less.

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Well at least this was a new and creative idea. But I think it’d be a pain to keep track of in battle, and yeah, agree with the point that it’s another fun-depleter and we really don’t need more things to slow the game and deny basic play…

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Maybe it could be like Dawnbringer: something you only use in the Arena since no one cares if that’s fun.

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Goodwill @daveis23 you really got me with this thread, I thought at first that it was an official news post after reading the title. :wink:

imagine having 4 of that troops just to spite people and news comes up on tv, “local citizen throws smartphone to an elderly over losing a candy crush card game”. only that you know it wasn’t candy crush and it was your fault.

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Just trying to come up with some unique ideas.


Keep the creativity coming!
But consider the opposite effect:

Reduce the cost of a random ally’s spell by 1 on 4/5 Gem matches

Now THAT is a fun RE-pleter!! Right @Jainus!?


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Not really imagine psion only need 1 mana to refill

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And when a goblin requires zero mana to refill?

Even if you limited the reduction to never reach zero, Goblin Rocket could still loop itself infinitely as long as there was at least one red or yellow mana on the board.

That’s a hard “no” for me.

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I was mostly joking tbh, however, all of this discussion has got me thinking. :thinking:

If it were to really happen I think you restrict the reduction to a maximum of 50%. Now like all random spammers, there is no guarantee that it won’t keep firing on a troop that is all ready reduced. For example a 4 mana goblin might receive the next 8 procs of that ability while your WB is still sitting there at 32…

maybe a trait that gives one mana to a random ally of 4/5 matches…

If you’re just looking at it from an offense perspective, yeah i’d love to do that to my troops. But it would be dreadful fighting against troops who did that. I throw my controller yelling no, i don’t want a turn, i just wanna watch the AI play, at least four times an hour up against the constant psion/famine meta as is. I’d probably throw the whole console out the window if they magically got that last bit of mana to cast yet again while i’m just sitting there being a spectator.

I was thinking exactly this same idea as I wrote my comment… with the same mixture of interest, amusement and horror…

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