More Mana Steal

I noticed that Psion’s ability actually does what it says, “Steal enemy mana when dealing skull damage.” This acts as a mana drain, but also takes the full mana amount for Psion’s mana pool. Since this is already a mechanic in the game, I was curious if more troops could get a mana steal on their ability. The particular troop I was thinking about is Ferit. He is one of several epics that pretty much go unused. Giving him mana steal instead of mana drain would make him a lot more viable as a troop and would fit well with the theme of his traits.


Cool I was wondering if Siphon stole the whole amount of enemy mana! My current mana drain deck has Psion in 2nd slot but I’ll have to experiment with him being on the front line.

Fixed for ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I definitely agree. Although it’d be slightly tricky to balance, since it could potentially just recharge… Ferit is a great candidate for it though since his ability currently isn’t aimable and the last troop might not necessarily have mana all the time. Therefore he would become a niche counter that does an excellent job, rather than something every team would want.

And yes, he is totally underused now. Silent Night saw to that. That being said, that will no longer drain with the changes to silence… hmm.

Yeah, that is mainly why I want it for him. It would counter builds that set a mana accumulator on the last slot with no troops blocking. The last troop always has the least chance of having high mana anyways, so it should end up balancing well. At most, his mana cost would need to be raised to 11 and lower his damage output slightly to compensate for the arcane trait.

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