New trait - Mana Transfer

when drained - instead distribute all the drained mana randomly amongst all my allies

(so if your troop is last one standing all his mana would be re-distributed back to it and there was no drain in the end)

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Interesting, but too niche and still a bit weak. Just block the mana drain. Add that effect to the niche and weak Mana Shield. Or add a leggy unique trait that stops all mana drain on your team.

if you block the mana drain next time that troop will be drained coz EK made sure to stun it

but if the mana is redistributed maybe you can cast off something else at least

that ensures that even if this troop with mana transfer is not much synergic with the team it can still support the team by feeding them mana if drained

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True, but the AI tends to only cast EK when your first troop is full, so even if stunned you probably get to cast before EK can fill and drain you again.

yeah well how about it was filled to half and next turn gonna be killed by skulls xD

i just think this way is more versatile regardless of its original spell

but will see what devs do (i hope they will do something :wink: )

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Could have the redistribution occur upon death, too, if you want extra shenanigans. This could make a great unique third trait for Dragon Soul.

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I’d like a troop with legendary or mythic trait to “give all allies half (or some fraction of) the mana I gain.” Would even potentially be viable as a front troop despite three colors if mythic.