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Troop Idea hope not already suggested

Have a troop that its magic is to halve the mana needed to fill for another troop or all troops until that troop casts. Similar to barrier where it disappears when hit. Couldn’t be a trait cause then it would be used all the time. Thoughts? Prob already suggested but…

In other words “Target ally gains mana equal to half its casting cost”?

So cast on a Goblin (whose spell costs 6) it gains 3 mana.
Cast on Great Maw (whose spell costs 24) it gains 12 mana.


I want this kind of troop in a brown/green troop. Flavor text, “let the earth’s bounty give you strength”

Would be an ideal all-color troop, pop it in last spot and use it to catch any mana overflow as a battery to recharge a troop. Could even be a hero weapon, heck call it “mana battery”.

Down fall being as all-color if it gets frozen, all your colors are locked.

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Yes that is the idea.

Even though you confirm Rasper getting it right, the way i interpreted it, since you mentioned the likes of ‘barrier’ was that you’d cast the troop’s spell on an ally, on which the ally receives a sort of ‘barrier’ halving the mana needed for its own spell, until said ally actually performed the spell, removing the so called ‘mana halving barrier’.
To add to this, you could maybe also target an enemy troop doubling its mana necessity.

Doubling its mana cost is basically what Diseased does.

That would be a good idea as well. Meant by barrier that it would be no longer in effect when it is used or cast similar to the barrier that is gone when it is hit.

A mind enslaving metal loving vampiric troop that has a chance to move an enemies troop to your team. If you have a bombot shaped hole in your team, could be nice. :wink:
Also like in magic gathering, would be nice if the servers “conveniently” forget to give the other players card backa fter the game is over hahaha.