New troop/spell idea


Legendary Mana Capacitor

14 mana Black/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/Purple “Mana Battery” Give other allies 2 ( +magic score 1:5 ratio) mana for each mana color they are.

at 19 its magic would be 5 so it would be giving +3 mana per mana color a ally had. Every 5 magic gained it would increase like I said 1:5 ratio

Trait 1 Allied elementals gain 2 life
Trait 2 Impervious
Trait 3 gain 1 magic on 4-5 gem matches

Interesting concept that would need some tweaking to avoid being game-breaking. Kingdom and guild bonuses give another +12 magic, so it would be giving +5 mana per color. So filling this thing twice would fill the remainder of the team, including any base legendary or mythic. Imagine putting Bard class hero and 2x Famine behind it, for example…

Interesting idea but 2 or 3 of these things charging each other up would completely break the game.

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