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New trait idea, "pawn"

This trait is probably not self explanatory so here goes. So there are these troops in game that cause you to give up a troop. This could be black beast, sac priest or a certain statue. For the sake of synergy, i offer you "Pawn"
Pawn is an on death affect that only works if killed on the player’s turn. This could be something like, resurrect if sacrificed or devoured (in the case of black beast) or give its stats to other troops in your team. Each troop with “pawn” would have an effect that helps them in game, but who really shine after being sacrificed. With the disliking of on death effects going awry, this would be a skill that might take some programing time to make, and to implement without bugs.
What do you think? Is this crazy enough to work, or is it just plain crazy? Leave your thoughts down below!

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30% chance to resurrect if devoured
at start of the game give 3-10 mana to every ally that can devour/kill/sacrifice an ally
all allies that can devour/kill/sacrifice an ally start the game with 50% mana filled

This would be game-breaking.

Could be a legendary with an on-death unique trait that either gives mana to all allies or damages all enemies.

Or silences all enemies.



Thing In The Ice (placeholder name, stolen from MtG)
Glacial Peaks Legendary(Mythic?) Elemental/Monster/Daemon/whatever

20+ Blue/White (24 maybe?)
"Break the Ice"
Destroy this troop and summon a level (Magic) (troop here. Possibly Plague?)


Thaw: “When this troop dies, Freeze, Disease, and deal X (I’m thinking 5) damage to all enemy troops”

The idea being that the ice contained a deadly virus or plague from prehistoric times that was frozen and preserved over a long period of time.


i thought its amonster/mythic/daemon literaly frozen inside an ice block thus spell releasing it could be called ‘break the ice’

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Genius. Editing spell name

How about these kinda traits:

If devoured by enemy, instead enemy is devoured by this troop (Bigger Fish)

If devoured, deal 2x my attack as damage to troop that devoured me (Indigestion)

If devoured, both troops die (Arsenic)

trait: toxic - poison, death mark and deal [my life] damage to the offender if devoured

(the more of poisoned meat was eaten the harder to digest, thats why scaling with life)


I guess this type of idea is good then?

This is a very cool (pun intended) creative idea… but might be a bit over-powered as drafted… but something like that could work really nicely :slight_smile:

This is a very cool idea. I actually like it better than the concept of rolling anti-devour under the impervious umbrella.

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That sounds cool but in practice would achieve little. The chance of an enemy targeting it to nosh has to be pretty slim…

I’d like to have things like a “Poisoned Pawn.” Even one for ever affect.

They could have once per game spells, or just on death effects.

I wouldn’t want to see the exact looping effects you have of resurrecting, as its open for abuse, but I’d be happy to see 100% on death summon effects. Sort of like Dragon Egg 2.0, when destroyed, burn all enemies and summon the Dragon Soul.

Would be really cool for new players to have access to some legendary troops they might not have, but would get to test out lower level ones, so they get the desire to chase the Legendary Troops. At the same time, offering experienced players some interesting choices.

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you would have to build deck with a few stealthy perhaps or put it on first position for the skull-devourers

(plus it probably has to deal 2x or 1,5x life damage as the devouring unit gains their life first so 1x life would barely nullify life gain to begin with while it suppose to harm, oh well)


[quote=“GemsCollector, post:15, topic:15913”]
You can counter specific position targeting (Kraken)
[/quote]that too, i totally forgot, thanks :smiley:

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I disagree.

  1. Random targetting (e.g. Black Manacles)
  2. You can counter specific position targeting (Kraken)
  3. In the current state pretty much every non-specific position targeting in the hands of AI is a random one. At least I haven’t noticed any significant pattern while many times I saw AI try to devour (with Maw) my fully-traited Behemoth or use Amira against the only troop that wasn’t using blue mana. Or other such nonsense.
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