New trait and skill ideas for troops

I saw an old thread from 2016 with some suggestions for new traits and skills. It seemed like some of those suggestions came true. I was thinking about new troops and how so many just rehash already existing skills and traits. It must be hard to come up with new ideas that will not break the balance of the game. So I was just looking for ideas for troops that would be unique and different from those already in the game. Some of my suggestions

New trait Taunt. We already have troops with stealthy, so how about a troop that will force all single target attacks on them? This skill would be worthless, like stealthy, vs area damage, and of course a stun would take it out, but it would create an aggro pulling troop that could keep others safe. You could even put it on a new mythic with impervious and really make an interesting troop.

New Trait Rooted This trait would work best on a skull reduction troop, but basically this trait would not allow the troop to be moved. This will only be useful against a few teams that like to shake up your team, but would be a decent counter vs some of the more frustrating troops and weapons in the game. Again, put it on a Mythic with Impervious and it will end up being used.

New status effect “Reverse” Troops with this effect will lose 1 mana at the start of every turn. If these seems too powerful, maybe a 50% chance to lose 1 mana at the start of every turn.

New Spell Possess Spell forces enemy troop to target a random person on their own team with their main spell.

So any other ideas? Thoughts?


I like the idea of all of these. Possess I feel would be too hard to implement though. Reverse should be 2 mana per turn drain though to counter the enchant buff.

Maybe another suggestion could be a trait that makes troops take skull damage instead of others on its team regardless of position call it something like “Guardian” this way you could have them tanking in teams they might otherwise mana block.

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