New Trait (consider): Taunt (also added Deflect)

I’d like to propose a new trait:

All random and targeted abilities of an enemy troop target this character first. Multiple Taunters on a team are targeted randomly.

Y’know that really annoying character everyone wants to see dead? It’s this one. You’re not even that happy he’s on your team, but at least he’ll keep someone more valuable alive for at least one round. Maybe.

Taunt is a combination of inverting Stealth and giving every other troop Submerge. Sort of. Doesn’t have any effect on abilities that affect every character.


I like this idea. Might be better as a spell though because as a trait may be a bit OP. Would probably have to wear off after being attacked too.

I like this better than the DE nerf.

If it wasn’t too long a name for it, I’d suggest “Come and 'ave a go if yer think yer 'ard enough!” :wink:

I like the idea it make think about a troop i wanted to see but got bad feedbacks

I know it’s not the same but it’s similar

Hey @Rickygervais

That’s a good idea, but a bit ambiguous. Try this variant:

All skull damage applied to this troop affects the next troop below it instead.

This ability is very constrained, with a clear damage type and target, and very little “juggling” involved. Messing with slot order will likely create nightmares for both the developers and players. They’re especially not going to give discrete player control over slot order mid game.

Or maybe I could do a better search before I proposed an idea: