New troop Bodyguard

This is simple, you can put this guy in the slot you want and he will take skull and magic damage at the place of the targeted troop

Of course it will work if only 1 troop is attacked


That’s an awesome idea. So many ways this troop could be useful

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Agreed. Especially with the upcoming faerie fire this could prove extremely useful.

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In the animation you could see the card move and place in front of the attacked troop take the damage then come back at his place :slight_smile:

Great idea, reminds me of the Taunt feature in Hearthstone. We could also include another troop called The Squire - he can equip a Hero weapon so you could effectively run two weapons on the same team. Have his stats be lower than the Hero though.

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Yup i see him with low attack but high health and armor

Nice, reminds me of one of my favorites from early MtG, “Ali From Cairo” :grin:

Great idea!

Even better if this was a trait on some troops (like knights) and only activate if they can survive

Like a reverse stealthy. A trait called Provoking or Lure. FF style

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Yeah i was expecting more people would like it :frowning:

The idea is great, bravo.

I do not think it would be healthy for the game.

We already have very powerful, some might say unbalanced, troops in the game that forces us to target them first, remove them, or use AoE if it’s stealthed.

Now adding 1 or 2 bodyguards to the team, and you just can’t reach them. Imagine this: 1 Overpowered troops, 1 massive healer, 2 bodyguards. Yuk.

I understand what you saying but i don’t think it would break the game, i think it would be nice to see someone else then first troop receive the skull damages it would make room for more strategy and would prevent lucky skull drop during cascades

I look forward to

Psion / Ragnagord / Famine / Bodyguard

You still can use kraken and devour bodyguard i don’t see anything wrong

Your team would be weaker then infernus in place of bodyguard

Also you can use plenty troop to change psion spot

And if you use bodyguard in your team it would make a good counter against psion third trait

Maybe if it would take 50% of the dmg? Or could specifically be used only against skull dmg? Because I can’t even begin on how wrong it would be to have the Bodyguard take spell dmg from carpet-bombing Fizzbang on green gw day;).