New Trait - Protector

any spells with a target must target protector trait troops first


I quite like that idea… kind of an “opposite-to-Stealthy”.


exactly could be a neat trait to play with

Interesting… but I am wary of it being extremely annoying on defences… Mmm not being able to target down that Bone Dragon before it wipes half your team for 14 mana…

The idea is sound and sounds fun in itself. But it’d exaggerate any currently OP or broken troops out there…

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I like it. It’s like archer’s on a castle wall. Breach the wall before you access the archers.

It sounds a lot like a “Taunt” ability, which I know others have expressed interest in before. I think it’s a great idea, though I do agree with Jainus that it could be really broken. Just imagining something with like Stoneskin and Impervious with a Taunt ability. Sounds like hell.

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i like it!
somehow i missed it whent it was posted so bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for bumping this @Annaerith, I missed it too!
Love the idea, but agree it should probably not be paired with an Impervious troop… that’s leaning a bit towards OP, BUT pair this with something that has BIG or HUGE and Im fine with it. :wink:


Ideas sounds interesting, but I fear it gets quickly out of hand.
Maybe that ward should work only once, that is, if a spell is cast onto the protector, it looses that effect.

We could word it like this :

New buff : “Ward : If a ward is active, ennemy single target spells must select a warded troop.”
New trait : “Protector : At battle start, troop gains Ward.”

This can also open to troop which spell apply a Ward to themselves/target ally/last troop of team.
Could also open for other traits playing around the same concepts :
New trait : “Martyr : gain Ward each time another allied troop is hit by a negative status effect.”

Shall the protector/ward also protect against single random target spells ?
Blackhawk canon (which hits 3 targets), would hit the Protector at the first hit, and the last 2 at random.
(but what about 2 targets like Lion Prince or Korvash ?)