A pretty cool trait

Hello everyone, while I was playing I had a idea! What if there was a "Cover trait " you know where if any troop was targeted this troop will take damage. Also just had another Idea! How about a troop that when battle begins randomly takes form or a enemy troop and has as many of it's stats/traits as you have it's levels/Traits. Voice opinions no trolling and share this

copying the enemy troop - looks very cool to me and i think id like it but imo:

  • it MUST be weaker then a troop owned+traited+leveled by you. do not punish customers for actually getting and developing a card since this game runs on it

  • the troop copying ability may grow with its traits unlocking more of copying options,

  • there should be some trait type that is immune to copying and/or to auto-copying (impervious for example?)

for example:

Dopplegange (green/purple, suncrest legendary monster)
Spell: (15) “Mutate” into random targettable enemy (takes their: picture, name, spell, attack and colors) and gain 1 magic
Trait 1: Solidifying Body - mutating will now also take targets armor and troop types
Trait 2: Memory Affinity - mutating will now also take targets traits
Trait 3: Quick Transformation (unique trait) - at the start of the game mutate into random targettable enemy

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I like some of what you saying , but today at work I was thinking it shouldn’t be able to copy itself and yes some cards should be immune. And feel it’s fair that if you dont have the card traited you cant copy trait’s and it’s trait’s should be 1 copy 1st trait 2 copy 2nd trait and 3 copy 3rd trait because it’s a instant transform not a cast transform. If it was a card and was called poltergeist and a defend team had 4x of them as soon as match began it would randomly copy any four that can be copied and could be same card 4x stats should never be less than or more than poltergeist base level equivalent unless buffed afterwards

if his traits are that then he doesnt have a trait that would activate his copying skill at the beginning of battle. so its out of question ffor instant-copy troop

i gave him the instatnt transform. also added a “weaker” cast transform in case if he isnt traited