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Trait for tanky troops

I’ve got an idea to add new trait that would make some troops more tanky.

It would be something like reverse Stealthy - as this trait causes that we can’t target that troop with a spell.

My idea is to add a trait that would force enemy to hit THAT exact troop with it’s spell instead of what he initially targeted. The name could be for example Lure or Protector or Derision (I am playing Dragon Age recently and Warriors have this skill and it lures foes to attack him instead of other teammates)

This trait could appear in different percentage of possibillity to trigger. For example some potential mythic troop could have this trait with 100% chance to trigger, super tanky, need lots of life/armor. Legendary with 80%, Epic 60%, Ultra Rare 40%.

Thats all, tell me what you think :slight_smile:


Maybe it could be called “Provoke” and have some different tiers increasing the chance to trigger while also preventing some of the damage.

Rough example:

Provoke I: 40% to trigger and 10% Spell Damage reduction.
Provoke II: 60% and 15% S.D reduction.
Provoke III: 80% and 20% S.D reduction.
Provoke IV: 100% and 25% S.D reduction.

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I like it.

Maybe it could be a spell effect instead of a trait?

No other traits are tiered like that, so don’t overcomplicate it. Just literally make it an inverse Stealthy. “Taunt: Must be targeted by spells (unless there are no other targets with Taunt).”


How about Dexterity (40%) and Agile (20%), or all the Armor related traits? Armored, Barkskin, Holy Armor, Stoneskin etc. They have different percentage, so this could also. :wink:

And I also propose with percentages, because I am not sure if this wouldn’t be too much to force spells to one target all the time during fight.

But overall I think this simplification might be good too ^^