Empowered troop with devour spell

no one wants one

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Worst idea ever! What happen if i got 4x this troop? I think we got enough devour and mana drain troop this is just killing the game


I liked the idea behind this troop although the second trait should have either Warded (immune to death mark), Indigestible (immune to devour), or Sturdy (immune to poison), Impervious is a bit too much for a troop like this, everything else I agree with. But right now maybe we should wait a while before getting a troop like this, we got enough troops right now that can devour people.

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why not 100% chance? +create 8 skulls boosted by enemy hp (1:1). +regain full mana if somebody dies by the spell.


The closer to this that would have the least chance of breaking the game entirely would be a Mythics troop, with Fast (not Empowered), and cost of over 20. And that troop would still be insanely OP. Remember that even Manticore was nerfed from Empowered to Fast.

You forgot 100% skull damage reduction


No, make it 95% skull damage reduction, since 100% would totally break the game.

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Okay, wow, here I thought you were being ironic and making a sarcastic jab at the game’s power creep. You’re actually serious about Empowered+Devour.

I am curious to see how far backward into his head @Jainus ’ eyes will roll.



Absolutely not. Devour is overpowered as it is.

Gob-chomper has Empowered and Devour. Fortunately it’s limited to goblins and is only 40%.


I might be okay with this if-

  1. it’s chances of devour were reduced to 10%.
  • It’s first trait was something more thematic like Necromancy. If you want to keep the double damage, be sure to call it by it’s decided name, Human Slayer.

  • Replace impervious with something more reasonable like Life Drain. (Also, the unique trait suggestions can’t work with an Epic.)

  • Make it’s spell cost 13, and it’s magic damage a scaling roll like Beserker.

  • And finally, make it super fragile like Mummified King or Skeleton.

Now, you could argue "That’s too extreme!"
And yeah, it is, but so is an empowered devourer of only Epic rarity.

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An empowered devourer is, without doubt, the worst troop suggestion I have ever heard.


To be fair, Gob-Chomper fits the same bill. Maybe if this suggestion also only worked with humans (and just straight killed instead of devoured) then it could work. (Minus the impervious/2nd-trait nonsense.)

If I may add to your suggestion, the devour should also be limited to certain type of troops. Right now, we have 3 giant with devour on its spell and all are limited to certain type of troops (Gob-Chomper, Elf-Eater, and Dragon Cruncher). Out of those 3, only Gob-Chomper has empowered on its trait.

I’m not sure I need to grace this thread with my presence… @RiverSong said it neatly enough…

Hey, no backing out, how far backward into you head did your eyes roll? Pics please! :dizzy_face:

Did you know that it’s possible to pull your superior rectus muscle? Neither did I before Jainus found out for us.

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can can anyone delete this thread?

Maw + mercy is already a 10% (or thereabouts) chance to devour on the first turn.

Forest guardian + wolfgarak is already a mythic with “fast”.