Epic Troop idea Undead/Giant

Divine Chomper

12 Mana Chomp; Deal 5+x damage to target enemy. If that enemy is divine deal double damage. 50% chance to devour if enemy is divine.

Deal double skull damage vs divine


Sorry, but this is a horrible Mythic troop. I wouldn’t care much about it.

epic…its an epic…thats a purple…not a legendary…or a mythic…

Seems overpowered.

its mimics other giants that have the same mechanics this is actually kinda weaker than the others but I did that because there is more divine then the other types that get target devours

Nice troop suggestion @Shinnanigens :+1:

I agree with Eika. Nice idea. To the best of my knowledge, there is not yet a “Divine Chomper” type of troop. I think there should be a “Chomper” for every troop type, and Divine has not yet crossed my eyeballs in that regard.