Mythic creature idea Divine/Monster

Lortharic Brown/Red/Yellow Mythic Divine Monster

Cycle of Consumption 24 mana; Devour a ally and summon a random Divine or Monster troop with +x levels.Then Distribute the devoured ally’s life, armor, attack, and magic between the team.

Max level stats
Every 3 points of magic give +1 to spell cast bonus

Indigestible Immune to Devour
Huge gain 2 life on 4 and 5 gem matches
Monstrous Appetite destroy a random gem on 4 and 5 gem matches

Going with the usual summoned troops levels are based off the summoning creatures magic level.

so… essentially you have an ability that replace a dying troop with a fresh one and increase all allied troop’s stats stacked on top of the devour bonus to this mythic?

There’s a troop coming “soon” with half of the concept of what is suggested here… Maybe 30-40%?


It would be great if the boost ratio wasn’t 3:1. The same 3:1 that makes Death rather wimpy.

The devour is spread instead of just gained by the one mythic I didn’t know how to mechanically word it.