Idea for a trait: Cleave

Hello all.

I got an idea that I thought was interesting. What if we had a troop (Epic/Legendary/Mythic) with a trait that deals % of his attack to all other enemies when dealing skull damage?

Epic rarity: 15%
Legendary: 25%
Mythic: 50%

These troops, however, couldn’t be traited with Nimble or Impervious to avoid making them too powerful (so they can be countered by Entangle in addition to lowering their damage).
Legendary or Mythic rarity could go with an ability to cleanse themselves and increase their attack.



sounds like an interesting trait.

i’d like to see that old favourite from MTG: trample!

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+1 to trample just gotta cast diabolic tutor to get a creature with it😎

Nice idea, I suggested similar before: but only as a legendary trait.

Hydra is a great candidate: rather than Many Heads doing its current non-effect, it could do: skull attacks damage all enemies, for 50% of normal damage… so initially you’re doing double damage, but split, and as enemies die, the damage output goes down…


they already have coding issues enough where it kicks people out of battles, do you really think they are gonna make a trait based on rarity?

beside attack goes up with ascension anyway theres your extra damage

nonsense it can be simply 3 separate traits, nothing wrong with it :wink:

also just because game has bugs it doesnt mean ppl should not post feature requests - otherwise devs would just lock the whole cathegory.

edit: i like the trait idea :slight_smile:

Just as @Annaerith mentioned, I see no problem with that. That’s basically Big>Huge>Immense trait scenario right there.

… Also, all legendary and/or Mythic troops have superior versions of the traits. Greedy vs. Pillage and Plunder, Moloch’s Suppression vs. Plague’s Aspect…

I like the Cleave idea!
AND the idea of Trample as a trait: Any unapplied skull damage falls to the next troop in line…

THANK GOD Bone Dragon got the Nerf BEFORE this trait came to be! :scream:

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Both great ideas (Cleave and Trample)

What if Cleave traits adds more target with rarity?
Base trait: deal damage to 1 extra troop
Medium: 2 extra troops
Legend: 3 extra troops