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New Trait or Kingdom or Troop - Destroy Dwarf

Shouldn’t Dragons be able to eat Dwarves?

Can’t be Devour, so Destroy is the right term.

Is this a new trait, Kingdom - or just a troop, like Monster Muncher or Elf Eater?

What would that look like?

Red Day tomorrow, everyone have FUN!!!


50% chance to devour dwarf on red gem matches :stuck_out_tongue:

dragon racial trait.

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Why only consider a trait? Could be a Kingdom of Dwarf eaters, or even just a single troop like Monster Mucher or Elf Eater.

Problem is Dwarves are immune to Devour specifically. Destroy is probably the right term.

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Lethal damage. Think this is a offensive trait very few troops have at the moment (maybe one has it, not counting hero traits?), would like to specifically see a troop with a 50% chance of dealing lethal damage to Dwarves since there’s an anti-Devour trait already…?

You’re right. Updated the thread title to use the term “Destroy” rather than Devour. Also updated the OP to include the possibility of Trait, Kingdom or Troop.

There’s a way to destroy Dwarves. Hit them hard.

(Also, they aren’t impervious to everything)

A total of two troops have Lethal Damage as an unconditional spell effect right now (not counting the self-destructs and ally killing, obviously), it would be great to see it being introduced as a trait specifically to proc on Dwarves for 50% or something.

“Please insert a new unprecedent trait to deal with troops I cannot deal with. Tnxbye.”


Great idea

(Legendary) Black/Blue
Ginger Snap

-deal x damage to an enemy, double to dwarves with 50% chance to incinerate them

-33% skull reflect
-Gold Crush (increase the amount of gold possible to gain and take 25/50 per cast) needs work I know lol

Personally I think the dwarves racial trait is a bit OP and cannot understand immunity to devour, especially as the undead trait is the same as dwarves minus stun and devour. Logically not being able to eat a dwarf makes less sense than not eating undead, to me at least.


Tough meat and they taste really bad…


gives me an idea for a card…
Common (Yellow) for its favorite food CORN!
Giant Carp
70% chance to devour if submerged, submerge self and a random enemy.

-gain yellow mana from like matches
-all merlantis/or others gain 2 health

They’re too small, they get spat out.

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Dwarves shouldn’t have devour resistance.
Disease, poison, and fire maybe.

It appears in answer to my earlier comment people are of the opinion that dwarves are smaller than the smallest fairies, smellier than goblins and taste worse than rotting carcasses or fleshless bones…


Their trait might be justified if they really are that bad.