Mini-suggestion: Transfer status effects when devouring a troop

Just a little thing for, well, “flavour”, that sometimes catches my attention: When eating a frozen, burning or poisoned troop (not even speaking about cursed or death marked ones), one would expect something to be different. I would guess, a shielded or enchanted troop could have some sort of effect on the digestion as well.
I admit, the same sort of logic does not necessarily apply to bleeding or enraged troops, but whatever.

I’d say, apply status effects of a devoured troop on the devourer (unless there is some protection through traits or blessing, or the other way around a curse preventing a positive effect). Won’t make the gameplay significantly different, but makes things slightly more “realistic”.
Very low priority of course, so somewhere between the fix for the random knight in defenses and the entropy death of the universe.


I’d imagine Poison should probably transfer because … y’know, poison. (Fun side fact: if an Impervious troop gets Poisoned, e.g. via Curse, the Poison remains until explicitly Cleansed)

Barrier cannot transfer, because Barrier absorbs Devour outright.