More troops with indigestible trait, please! :D

So far Rock Troll is the only one that has it, would be nice to get more troops with this trait! :slight_smile:

Another option is to take away other single immune traits(posion/disease etc.) on some of the already existed troops, and give them indigestible…


Goblin King should be indigestible.

He’ll then make a better back row summoner to protect from the Krakens while calling forth the goblin horde!


YES! This is a good idea.

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Though with how much he stuffs his face, he is probably the most tasty and nutritious treat in the game :wink:

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Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. :wink:

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I feel Indigestible should also cause troops that try and “succeed” in devout it, to lose stats equal to what would normally be gained. If the devouring troop dies, the indigestible troop lives, or just let the indigestible troop live.

Give the ability to counter Devour. It needs a downside for the power it has.

In nature, when something swallows something indigestible, they often die.

Of course, I’d be all for making HUGE creatures not able to be Devoured too.

Even if Great Maw had a special devour, that could eat anything to make it’s devour more unique, vs general devour.

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