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Is it time to nerf Psion?

Im not a fan of nerf but i feel like the only way to change meta is a nerf, remember manticore+ bone dragon? or justice league? And most rencently wisp and then troll?

This psion team is beatable like every other team but is a real cancer right now, you need to stick with the same team over and over cause it’s the only thing you see in pvp

But is is really psion the problem or ragnagor with half mana start? Maybe if is start with 0 mana this team wouldn’t be so popular right now. What about infernus who can refill himself 4-5x in a row event if there is 2-3 troop in front of him?

Anyway this meta is there for a while and i can’t see it go away without any nerf.


Yes, think both Psion and infernus need nerf. Psion because mana syphion is crazy powerful, since it steals the mana from the one troop who is guaranteed to get the most mana in your team. Although for nerf I think halving mana gain with syphion should be enough.

Infernus need less explosions, maybe 2 or 3 to prevent him from having constant refills from storm and explosion combo.

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I like the half mana drain idea for psion but im not sure it’s would be enough, the AI is so lucky with cascade skulls, it happen often psion catch 2 x 3 skulls during cascades and would result in complete mana drain anyway

Perhaps psion should be changed to drain but not steal the mana, but as you said its tricky as while each member of the team individually isn’t too broken, all together it just works too well.


I really like infernus but i feel he is a little bit too strong maybe just remove the storm would be enough but he certainly should’nt be able to refill himself so easy, it happen too often 2-3 cast in a row + lucky skull during cascade, this is a lot of damages dealed

3x in a row is 3 x ((34x2) +(2x17)) = 306 damages + skulls during cascade + burn on +4 gems, this is enough to decimate a full team just by himself

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No. A nerf is necessary. We just need a counter/defense to mana drain. I could have sworn they mentioned that they were gong to create one a year ago (or more).

No, in answer to OP. However, a change to the above mentioned explode/cascade fest is what is really required.


No need to nerf Psion. He is often to be found in the Psion/Ragnagord/Famine/X teams, one of the few teams that gives me and other endgame players a little challenge from time to time.


i agree it is a good challenge but when you need to fight it every damn battle, it start to be boring and when it start to be boring people stop playing, meta should change every 3-4 months for the health of the game


I don’t think a nerf is necessary.
Introducing an incentive to defence teams could be a start to remove the tediousness of it all.
At the moment the only reason to change up your team is to help others for events. Playing PvP suggests to me that it’s human nature to be selfish and not help one another.
Having an incentive that benefits everyone other than yourself isn’t working.


The weekly event with 25% boost was a good start, yeah sometimes that make ridiculous OP team but at least it changed every week, only problem imo was these bonus were added to GW, this is where i think they did a mistakes, if it was only in pvp, im not sure people would complain to remove it

Meta do change even faster. Even meta that can still be a sore go out of fashion.

But really, endgame is full of crybabies.

I’ve long been one of those that would assert the need for balance changes earlier rather than later. I think either we need some protection from mana drain or we need to see mana drain troops (likely all of them) toned down a little. Ragnagord I’d leave as he is.

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Don’t know where you saw me cry i asked a simple question, you only needed to answer yes ot no and you fail to answer a simple question

I must admit that one of the new meta’s is forest troll, nyx, krakken and mab. The forest troll and nyx combo can often drain my mythics of all mana in 1 turn (due to massive gem creation) and mab and krakken just throw out the odd attack to irritate

Simple answer: no.

And it is pretty good team vs psion /famine team

Goblin and dwarf team (well, only in GW the “red” day), are more frustrating lately. I don’t think they need to Nerf psion. And some (lot of?) unit are waiting some change since a couple of year now. I hope the dev will take care of these poor fella before…

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I feel like what we see more often if we look closely is that, “This team is too powerful” is not the complaint we want to make so much as, “I play vs. this team far too much.”

I think there’s quite a few meta teams, but I do agree the RNG seems to pick a “favorite” and give it to me more than the others. This is a variant of the Dawnbringer problem from Arena, there’s just more different “I see this one too much” teams in PvP.

I have no real opinion on Psion. I’ve only got one really good PvP team, and it’s not the best version of itself. I can beat most Psion teams pretty easily, but there’s a few that outclass me. It doesn’t feel “too powerful”, but some nights it’s a Psion party and it gets old fast.


Thanks for asking, the answer is “No.” :grinning:

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