I'm curious of ideas!

I am kinda curious of something…

So I find my self not using the same teams, and it’s for various reasons, but as I look through all my team slots… I don’t really have a “go-to” team, that can kinda do it all and smash everything! Where I can really just sit back and play the game mindlessly, but win too obviously! :wink:

If anyone has a “go-to” team and would like to share, go right ahead! :smiley:

I never really took the time to have one, or a “safe” team really because it’s always teams that counter another and so on…

AND especially with these dang Psions everywhere! XD

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The safest team out there, probably…
… Alchemist / Hellcat / Goblin Rocket / Goblin Rocket

And some others that I find extremely safe:

… Green Seer / Giant Spider / Kraken / Kraken
… Loyalty / Alchemist / Ketras the Bull / Hellcat
… Krystenax / Krystenax / The Dragon Soul / Krystenax


Lion Prince in the 1 spot helps shut down Psion’s biggest strength. Same with Manticore’s spell which is stupidly easy to charge up.


I’m actually curious to Ketras… I have no once used that troop! Banners for those?

That is a good idea, I thought Rock Troll as well. (Inflict stun on Skull damage) Deff works!

I use krys tds sylv krys with the abyssal banner… Only time i lose with it is when i do something stupid or when the gems just dont fall right…

Its fast and versatile and can get to those hard to reach places!


@Strawnyy you can counter Psion with Moa. If traited - it can stun on skull match. So a team against Psion could look like this:

… Moa / Forest Guardian / Giant Spider / Sekhma

If you have F.Guardian traited - Moa will start with 50% mana. And F.Guardian’s cast will also barrier it - and provide a lot of skull-damage that loops.


I use Orc banner for that one - to rush Alchemist up.
… He’s easier to fill than hellcat - and those two complement each other. So you’ll loop endlessly - boosting Ketras up - and then just oneshotting someone when you feel like it.

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Wow, I will have to try this! Seems like a pretty good, solid team. I do have Forest Guardian traited as well.

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Ahh, I guess it doesn’t matter with Krys first with an Sylv. but yeah, when I lose… I lose pretty dang hard, the falls will never go my way, or AI just goes crazy!

What banner for this team?

Which one? The Moa, F.Guardian?

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My go to has changed as I progress. Lvl 350ish now and my go to is.

Crypt Keeper- Sorcerer class**


Nice, I feel like Dragon soul is a go to for a lot of teams, Yes it does vary with weekly buffs, and such now.

@Strawnyy. I do not own Gorgotha yet. So TDS is on every squad.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’ll come! Yes I’d use that as much as possible!

If there is anymore. Deff shoot some in!

If you really don’t want to think at all:

Captain Skullbeard
the Dragon Soul
Nobend Brothers.

Once a spell is ready, don’t even look at the board. Just wait for your turn and cast the lowest troop that is ready (so Nobend First and Gorgotha last option. Unless you need to cleanse Gorgotha).

Win about 95% against anything, Mab loop included

Krys/TDS/Shadow Dragon/Elemaugrim and tds-ing everyone to death

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Well, the only mythics I DON’T have are Wulfy, Pharos, and Elemaugrim! D: @Versheenah I totally would!

@Venar I will give this a try, seeing how crazy amounts of skulls fall nowadays :stuck_out_tongue: