New update same unfun teams

I was excited to play new content, then I got ran over by infernus on turn 2 multiple times as usual. Will this troop ever get balanced?

11 mana, deal 100 damage, refill your mana, get an extra turn 75% of the time because its the ai, then repeat that twice in the same turn and win.

I get my infernas filled first and it gets half filled and AI for some reason fills completely. It is quite weird

Put Spirit Fox in your team and zap Infernus’ mana.

Use Mab or any other Freeze troop and stop its extra turn.

If Infernus is in first or second place, use Emperor Khorvash to drain and stun it.

Or put Great Maw in first place, Mercy in last place and, with any luck, you’ll get a “Yellow Special” so when you convert Purple to Yellow you get a 4 or 5 Match. Add in the Holy Banner for Yellow ++ and Maw gets filled pretty quick and then Devours Infernus (or Ubastet if it’s around)

Or …