Infernal King Team for PVP


I want to make Infernal King team.

As I make a team as below;

First slot: Serpent
Second slot: Infernal King
Third slot: Alchemist
Fourth slot: Valkyrie

I don’t have Mercy, Great Maw, Sheggra and Moloch.

I have only 2 legendary. First Infernal King and second Celestasia.

Please comment.

In that case, do you have 2 Infernal Kings?

Infernal King
Infernal King
Green Slime

Err, scratch that.
Green Slime is counter-intutive with Infernal King.

Infernal King
Infernal King
Giant Spider

Only have 1 infernal king.

Infernal King
Giant Spider

Well, the 1st three cover all the mana colors in the game already, so you’re free to choose anything you like as the 4th. I would suggest another Purple/Yellow creature until you get your second Infernal King. This way you can pick up the excess mana when Infernal King is full.

@Liverah did you try that?

i know giant spider valkyrie and alchemist are standard transmuters but i remmember early game i never got all the mana back using them as was lacking mana surges…

well its not a big deal if u want a classic team, i just wanna hear what u think of it at all

@Annaerith I don’t have only Sylvasi. Other troops have therefore I have not tried yet.

aaaah without sylvasi that deck wont work :confused:

ill think of something else.

Ok waiting.

Do you have any tanky troops with their traits? Treant?

I am unsure about the top troop, here’s my input:

First slot: Undecided. Blue and green or at least blue would be good. Treant works great if traited. Serpent would also work. Also, both of those can give extra turns with their spell.
Second: Infernal King
Third: Alchemist
Last: Valk

Progress or Dragon banner. Dragon is better if you use Serpent.

i would never trait treant, reason: i keep arcane swamp for mercy then for legendaries/mythics :stuck_out_tongue:

super early game i think only golem is possible to trait

later worth investment is knight coronet, maybe archon statue

until you get emperor khorvash or gorgotha

reason i never recommend using treant with infernal king is if he removes brown u arent gonna get extra turn with infernal king so easily then the skulls can turn against you.

But, you don’t have to cast the spell much. Just let it tank with stoneskin and catch blue/green. You can occasionally cast without losing your turn. Serpent is as easily traited as Golem, has agile, gains life, and makes red.

i agree about serpent

but mana going to treant only creates a problem, cast it or not cast it? could go to something more useful instead

Agree 100%. But, with limited options, sometimes you have to take something that works, not something optimal! While Treant removes brown, it also buffs it’s attack and armor and has stoneskin. You can still get extra turns with IK, just play smart. That team has insane board control.

it doesnt have stoneskin XD

not whern we talk about an early game player
its a self knee shot if u spend swamps on him instead of mercy in future

To each their own, it was one of my first fully traited troops (but, Mercy is my most used troop).

Just go with the serpent, probably more exciting anyway. :slight_smile:

I agree with saving traitstones for mercy as mercy is an incredibly useful addition to many teams even late game

Mercy is the most powerful troop of them all for invades, until they add another similar troop with empowered. The amount of time she saves is awesome.

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Yup try her with 2 humilitys and valk it gets crazy lol