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Need a little help from vets about good teams

I’m starting to lose a lot of matches and need to organize my teams better.

Any help is much appreciated! Most are not fully traited yet

Pharos Ra
War (working on 3rd trait)
Ancient Horror

Abhorath (fully traited)
Infernal King
Queen Ysa

I have a dragon team of D Soul, Borealis, Kry, Dragontaur

I have a few others like Orion and Carnex, Moloch

Many thanks

What level are you?

  • Pharos-Ra is a great troop for starting players, congrats. You will need a lot of souls.
  • Stop working on War or ANY of those front line Mythics you have.

Your best bet is a board control. Often called looping teams. Gems converters, extra turn, etc.

I’m currently somewhere around 350. My guild is #199. My wife and kids played this before me so I’m kinda coming in behind them.

My Dragon team has good board control.

Using War and Kerberos, I’ve been using Dragonian Monk for his ability to give everyone barrier which really helps.

I use a Goblin team at around 8000 which bodes well for me for the extra turns but newer Mythics make toast of them.

The forge is at level 10, which ones should I focus on? Famine?

I’d recommend infernus first, famine is a great troop but it’s worth waiting for it to (hopefully) drop naturally rather than craft straight away. Infernus as both an attack & defence option works better.
Other people will have different opinions no doubt, a lot depends on your play style.

Both are excellent troop hard to choose whatever you decide to forge between them is a good idea. Just keep in mind mana shield going to be immune against mana drain so famine might be weaker and easier to counter then infernus


I forgot about that - absolutely infernus then :+1:

thanks all! Any better than other looping teams?

The standard green seer / giant spider / kraken / kraken is always a favourite, as is hellcat / alchemist / goblin rocket / goblin rocket.
Both of those generally give you excellent board control, it can take a while against really high level players but you usually grind them down eventually.
I used to use green seer / giant spider / forest guardian / sekhma when I first started on mobile, once that loop starts you can usually never give the ai another turn

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Gargantaur is not worth much but on PVP I sometimes meet team that consist of Firebird/Falconer/Gargantaur/Firebomb and when the conditions were right (well, the borad was horrible :wink: ) I lost to it with my best PVP team. It probably can be of use in GW in lower brackets (at least I think so). Pharos Works nicely with TDS for soul farming. Stonehammer works when used with Apothecary, Lady Ironbeard and King Highforge but he annoyingly blocks the blue mana.

hellcat / alchemist / goblin rocket / jarl firemantle

This seems fun so far. I didn’t have some of the cards listed. Didn’t have another goblin rocket so improvised, btw, how do i level another of the same troop? i don’t see a way to level another from level 1.

You don’t have to trait/level a troop again, you just put an additional copy and they have the exact same stats. The Alchemist/Hellcat loop can get even better (faster and more reliable) if you have Mercy and trait her (3rd trait is “empowered”). Then it’s Mercy/Alchemist/Hellcat + one additional troop. Gard’s Avatar is probably the best, but there many others who work well. The Goblin Rocket, Strygik, Sekhma, Infernal King, Queen Grapplepot, Bonnie Rose (she used to be one-shooter in that setting, now it doesn’t always work).

I used to set Nobend Brothers on fourth spot. Nobends are good for you, generally speaking.

Ahh, that makes sense. I knew it was something simple I was missing. I’ll check for Mercy and others when I get home. Thanks for all the input.

Personally I use Dwarven Gate, Dwarven Gate, Valkyrie, Tesla. Just loop the gates to fill Valkyrie and Tesla, Valkyrie to fill gates and Tesla. Good defense and awesome offense. Only teams I have problems with are mana drain teams, but 2 Tesla spells usually get me the win if I’m quick enough. Hope that helps.

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Knight Coronet/Goblin Rocket/Boar Rider/Druid Isn’t a bad low level team.
Higher lvl, try Nobend/Fizzbang/Queen/King Goblins.

This give some good cycles.

Krakens are great with green mana producers.

In general, your team needs:

A tuff guy in front (or ways to weaken the opponent)
A Kickstarter/ mana source
A source of spell damage

Also, good color spread.
Also, at least some troop that have lower cost spells. Many PvP team will steal/block/drain mana, so it’s good to have a guy that fills quick.

Guys like the very common Poison Master, with right banner or Mana Link can fill very fast, and then explode and fill you team. Herdmaster is also an underused exploder/cleansers. Really help against Mab.

You said you have dragon soul, and I’m assuming you have dragotaur and dragonette, since they’re super common. Venbarack rounds out that team nicely, if you have it.

Dragon soul.venbarak.dragonette.dragotaur.
Banner is the one that’s purple++ red+ yellow-

Phase 1: Dragon Soul to explode and fill the others, venbarak for swath damage, Dragonette for targeted damage and status ailments, Dragotaur to buff attack for all.

Phase 2: after Dragon soul is killed, skull damage and venb swath damage.

That team got me through my middle levels (400 - 800)