Is Infernus still worth forging?

Infernus is in Soulforge this week. I have 3500 diamond for now (should hit 4k within this week). Is it still the best Mythic so far? Thanks for any advices.

p.s. I already have the following 9 Mythic:
Fallen Valdis
Ketras the Bull
Yasmine the Chosen

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The first mythic you should craft is usually either infenus or pharos ra. Personally i would go with infernus as hes still so damn strong


Thanks! It’s strong, flexible and can be used in different teams. I think I’ll go with it :slight_smile:

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Infernus is not as good as before, but still a very good Mythic.


Thanks. My next crafting might be Pharos-Ra or Ubastet. In PvP it seems Ubastet is more powerful right?

Yeah, both good troops. Pharos-Ra if you need souls, dont wait.
Ubastet imo the best Mythic troop.


Honestly, I’ve been kinda underwhelmed with both Infernus and Ubastet when I crafted them, maybe less so with Ubastet. Maybe it’s because I got so used to playing without them? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I just find Infernus to be inconsistent, personally. Perhaps the Explosions nerf amplifies this, since mana gained post-cast isn’t as great. Against a similar power level team, though, I just don’t find the damage to be that excellent, either. I’m looking forward to crafting Elemaugrim and trying that out, though. For beating higher-level teams consistently, I prefer consistent loopers. I’d say Infernus is great for bashing lower level teams without thinking too much.

Edit: from your options, and the mythics I can recall, those three (Infernus, Ubastet or Pharos) seem like decent choices. Pharos was my first, but I think it was a slightly different environment re: souls - i.e. they’re not as fundamental for kingdom power levels. Pharos can loop nicely, though, and hit hard, too (especially with two :stuck_out_tongue:)!

I would say yes, he’s one of the best mythics.

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I’d say he’s still strong.

But, I’d wait until Pharos Ra is in the Soulforge and craft him instead. Long term it’s much better.

Depends if you need souls - for combat purposes, Pharos works best if you have two of him. Infernus is still good, especially if you want a team that burns things. Strong combo with Elemaugrim, who you have already.

Fire is great against barrier and Infernus will of course feel stronger the less opponents you have as the chances to hit same enemy increases. If you’re not using Infernus you’re probably using Yaoi Guy or A.Weaver as those are decent too.

Thanks buddy, that’s something I’d like to learn. Would you please name some teams in which Pharos are very good component?

Is it a “must have” to craft Ra first? I have no Ra yet, but I don’t feel like I need a lot of souls at the moment. The only thing more souls would be nice is the mystic sword (Dawnbringer) (I need 800.000 souls to craft it). How important is it to get Dawnbringer “asap”?

Fix me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Dawnbringer is an essential weapon so I’ve chosen Infernus over Pharos. Sure I may be wrong and that’s I ask here before I craft it :slight_smile:

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this poll is still relevant (except weaver and megavore can be considered quite up in the list, and ubastet was nerfed recently)

Great content! Will study it carefully :slight_smile:

Great post. I have not got any of the top 5 :rofl:

p.s. I have both of the two newest Mythic. I think Megavore could be at pretty good rank in this list. But Fallen Valdis is just meh…

The pool is more diluted than it used to be, but Infernus is still a very powerhouse troop. I can’t think of another troop like it.

Yes, the Infernus/Ubastet combo is weaker than it was. That means a lot of old discussion of Infernus will feel like hyperbole. But look at what it does:

It chooses an opponent. It hits that opponent pretty hard. Then it does half that damage to the 2 adjacent opponents. Then it repeats. Then it explodes some gems.

This cuts through Barrier like a knife through butter. It’s likely to hit at least 3 troops, yet Submerge cannot block it. The only things that really make it less powerful are Spell Armor (which is only on a few troops) and when you’ve killed troops in such a way you can’t get the splash damage.

The gem explosion is nice because it’s a board scramble. Sometimes you’ve got a troop like Apothecary that needs a certain color around and it’s not there. Infernus might summon more.

Infernus also burns enemies on 4/5 matches and summons Firestorms.

So it’s really hard to find a troop that Infernus doesn’t compare favorably to. Ketras comes to mind: in the right scenario it can outright kill a troop and severely wound its neighbors. But Ketras is powerless against Barrier, and is significantly weakened by true damage. Megavore’s armor stripping is a hard hit, and the followup damage is a likely kill shot. But again, it has trouble with Barrier and in the late stages of the game “hit one troop for damage” isn’t as exciting as “hit at least 3”.

I think the strongest argument for “craft this first” is still Pharos-Ra. I would still craft Infernus first, if I were in the position. I did Pharos-Ra first and “being able to farm for Dawnbringer sooner” didn’t feel good enough to stop me from remembering, “Every PvP/GW team setup I wanted to try needed Infernus.” But there’s nothing invalid about the argument that securing a soul farming team is more important.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. You will be forever regretful if you don’t.

Infernus is the best troop of the game, very good in attack and defense, i got plenty team with him so big YES from me