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Best mythic to craft

I have made a list of all mythics in game in a poll
the idea of the poll is what mythic to craft in order of usefullness( aka souls / pvp / guild war / defend guild war / other)
so for instance ra will PROBLERLY be high in list for soul farming or femine will be higher for guild war defance
the goal of the post is this : i have 4000 diamons to craft what should i craft?
for me infernus, world breaker and ra were the first picks but what next?
i want to build (with your help) the first database of the best mythics worth crafting for various reason so please answer the poll and i hope it will help everyone(including me) in the struggle of what mythic to craft next
my english is not my main and i wrote all troops from keyboard. if any mistake in post or in poll please let me know and ill fix it
lets have a great- The wisdom of crowds(?) for all mytic crafting cause i could’t find a post about it

  • SUNA
  • WAR

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If you choose Gargantaur please explain why I still can’t find a use for it.

My choices
Infernus - best mythic in the game. Fully traited it loops really well with the fire storm
Ketras - the most underrated mythic. Pair it up with Divinia and one shot everything
Worldbreaker - Once this thing gets going it sometimes doesn’t stop until everything is dead
Ubastet - I don’t have it but just being a mythic kitty makes it one of the best things in the game plus it can quite often kill half a team in a turn or 2 when paired with Ishabaala


i have all the mytics you mention
infernus - a kill machine
worldbreaker - the most fun troop but need a good start-going party
karters- i dont like to use as he need to be untohced for most potanital. is it good for quick pvp\pets?

ubaster - a real beat. i used him as my current pvp in hero\infernnus\ubastet\ishabla and it tear all groups (if it gets first cast)

overall great choises just wondering about kertas (:

Infernus - The single most useful mythic unconditionally(no need for specific troops to make it work well, it just gets better with some)
Ubastet - a troop worthy of being a tiger!
Gard’s Avatar - needs a specific armor-buff setup but is incredibly destructive in it.
Yasmine’s Chosen - strong damage with high likelyhood of keeping turns and refilling.
Queen Aurora - such an ugly rhino, but pure utility with a safety net for bad gem spawns.


I’ve found Ketras to be pretty fast for PvP and pet rescue and even red day GW. It’s not working right now because the game thinks I haven’t lost enough this week and is giving the ai enough crazy cascades that any rubbish team is beating my divines.

soudns intersting (:
can u post a team build that use kertas on quick pvp team?

hey Gouki
i dont have Yasmine’s Chosen from all u mention and its a strong cadinante to join my troops.
is it worth crafting? is ti use in guild wars? because i really would love a mythic to join my gw days and yasmine looks so cool

Yasmine is quite nice, pair her with Forest Troll, Florian and Magnus and you have a nice Brown Team for GW.

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thank you @Razzagor
you gave me a war guild team to think about
so far its seems the only mythic i dont have to be worth of crafting
will defintly consider it next soulforge (:

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This is what I’ve been using lately. It usually wins a pvp battle in 40 - 50 seconds.


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Well she is more in the middle of the ‘tier’ list and in the middle it all comes down to peference.
She does misfire terribly sometimes, but she also singlehandedly chaincasts whole teams to death in GW.
I use her in GW (on two days actually) but i am not known for making good decisions, so pick her at your own discretion :wink:



is kartes really good?
i find him too much “luck on board and please dont attack me” troop. how u use it best for your advantage?

Ketras is decent, and any buff he receives will pile up some nice damage. If you want the best value Infernus is your best choice because he does consistent damage and mana generation plus board modification.

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she seems like my next craft
can you post the teams you use her on guild wars?
will make my decsion very easy if i knew the colors she used in

true that (: . got infernus just wanted someone else (:

I like to cast Divinia and Dawnbringer before I cast Ketras that way he can one shot the biggest threat and badly damage 2 others and with Dawnbringers barrier I don’t have to worry about him getting damaged.

Like @Razzagor said Infernus is still the best mythic in the game but I like Ketras a bit better when going against something I need dead asap because I can target it and one shot it. Infernus does do huge damage but his storm and explosion can misfire and give the ai a lot of mana.

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She did that for me in GW once. I was facing a goblin team and after Fizzbang/Nobends finished their turn I was left with an almost dead Yasmine vs 4 goblins with 100+ hp and she looped them to death in a single turn.


@naxx i like the way you think (:

On green day i use Giant Spider/Forest Guardian/Yasmine/Aurora. Great options, though you need to be mindful with the ordering of your casts to not let the troops step on each others toes. It also racks up bonuses for 4Green/3Beasts/3Divines for some nice defensive stats that do add up with the according pets.
On brown day pair her with Forest Troll like @Razzagor suggested.

Well, about any other Mythic worth the diamonds i like Euryali a lot.
In one of my Yellow teams for GW i use Hellcat, Valk, Euryali and Bard/Dawnbringer.

Her summon is a good tank that also boosts her damage and don’t even blocks colors on the team. Bard’s trait also increases her damage nicely overtime. If you face a Kraken you better exchange her and your hero’s positions.