Mythic conundrum!

Hello everyone! This is my very first post here!
I have a question for you, since i am relatively new to the game too (3 months).
I reached 4000 diamonds and i’m ready to craft my first mythic (!!!). I ended up choosing either High King Irongut (craftable this week) or Infernus.
Which would you choose first??? I am inclined to chose Infernus and wait until it is available…
Any suggestions?
Thank you!!!

I consider Infernus to be one of the best five mythic troops in the game (the other four are Famine, Pharos-Ra, Ubastet, and The Possessed King). I would make those five my priorities above all others, assuming you have the traitstones/time/orbs available to trait them.

Edit: High King Irongut can be good, but he needs a troop to give him mana and another troop to boost his attack—you really don’t want to miss on his devour, since it’s so expensive to roll the dice. The other five troops I mentioned only need one setup troop, if even that: TPK has such an amazing third trait he can be great on a team even if you never cast his spell.


Infernus is a great mythic choice, fun to use and powerful.
Keep an eye out for pharos ra as hes essential for soul farming.

Irongut is useful for high level delves. Infernus and Pharos can’t help u in high level delves.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions! They are really appreciated!
I will wait for Infernus then go for Irongut or The possessed King the next time.
Too many choices, too few diamonds!!!
Thanks again!!!

He’s new to the game, doubt his first world problem are lvl 500 delves, even so you cant really use irongut on all of them either.

Infernus may not be good enough for lvl 500 but can defo do well up to lvl 200 delves and also is useful in many other istances, where irongut is weak to say the least.

I would wait for Infernus.

Infernus for sure.

I’m probably going to be the only person saying this but I would craft Arachnaean Weaver second. I would say she is the second best mythic in the game just slightly behind Infernus.

Pharos-Ra I understand for souls but why Famine, Ubastet and TPK?

Famine is still good but so many troops are immune to mana drain now. Ubastet was the best mythic but since her nerf she doesn’t even get a kill that often anymore. TPK has a decent third trait but his ability is really weak.

Infernus is a better choice as an all-purposes troop as you progress in the game. The only troop worth crafting this week would be Yao Guai in my opnion, but it’s better to not risk missing Infernus when it appears.

In three months i played a lot!!! I am past level 1000, but obviously my pool of cards is weak at the moment, so i suppose is better to follow the suggestion to craft Infernus to improve my strength overall and then go for Irongut. Moreover i am currently camping level 30 of The Warrens to farm for resources and can wait for the renown! I have yet to reach all the levels of the kingdoms…
But definitely every suggestion given has a point!!!

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So that happens that I have 3 Famines lol, I just got lucky with them and extremely unlucky with others.
What’s the best way to use Famine?

Definitely wait for Infernus. I think he is a lot more useful in more situations. Irongut is fun but like someone else said he really needs support to boost his chances of devouring. Once he gets going though he’s hard to stop. Possessed King is probably the best support troop but thats really all he is: a support troop.

Edit: congrats on getting the diamonds for your mythic. I remember having the feeling of ‘finally!’.

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Boy, I’m not a fan of Infernus at all. I used him (it) a lot before getting Divinia, but I much prefer a troop that explodes and cleanses and increases life. I hardly use Infernus any more…

Just something to think about. Congratulations, and welcome to the game! -EG

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Thak you!!! I am definitely excited!!!

I love Famine in Guild Wars. It’s on every eligible team. Even as the number of troops immune to mana drain increases, very few teams are totally immune to it. The ability to suck mana from stealthy targets, and deal one heck of a punch while doing so, make it one of my favorites. It doesn’t matter how much damage an enemy spell would deal if you can prevent them from ever casting it!

Ubastet has the exceedingly rare instakill ability. Sure, you need to be a bit careful when you fire him off, but that applies to most spells in the game. And unlike Wulfgarok, who devours on a kill, Ubastet’s spell scales with enemy stats. Plus it uses red and yellow, traditionally the colors with the best mana producers. Arguably Irongut has the same instakill power, but (a) as many troops are immune to devour as to mana drain, and (b) it’s a lot easier to deal damage than to boost attack in GoW.

TPK’s third trait is so, so good. If you can maintain a gemstorm somehow, you will darn-near constantly be cycling through the board, since explosions are likely to set up cascades that turn into additional 4+ matches. Even if not, he can boost your mana production considerably, and without penalty: his third trait only ever fires on a 4+ match, which means you never have to worry about turning over a good board to the AI. His spell is useful as a panic button, but I almost never cast it. TPK is a Delve staple for me.

Edit: another way to describe TPK. Any time you get an extra turn, gain bonus mana. Given how often you want to make 4+ matches during a battle, that really adds up!


Get the Infernus as your first Mythic troop. It’s very good and reliable.

Infernus is the winner here.

Infernus is just plain good. Irongut generally needs some way to boost its attack first. If you get Infernus now, by the time you get Irongut you’ll be ready for Irongut. If you get Irongut now, you’ll get a mythic that only sometimes helps you until some date in the future. Don’t mistake this as me saying Irongut is bad. It’s especially useful when you’re pushing Delves because it’s relatively easy to start with 60+ attack. But you can do that later.

Infernus will be good right away in all contexts.

That said, Grundulum might have a point. Infernus isn’t as good as it used to be. I don’t know if I’d say TPK surpasses it, but Ubastet is a strong argument. I’ve seen a lot of players I trust argue TPK is a lot better than I think (and I already think it’s great.) So it could be that I’m wrong. But I see TPK as one of the game’s most solid support troops, and the likes of Infernus/Ubastet as troops I put on the team to kill things.


Thanks everyone for the support!!!

It’s a little out of date, but there’s a good list of recommendations here:

Welcome to the game! I am glad the community were able to provide some help. Infernus is a fun Troop and a great all rounder. I am sure you will love them (it? Him they?).

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Hi!! I ended up crafting Infernus! Thanks everyone for your knoledge and suggestions for crafting future cards too!!