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Should I buy Famine?

Ever since his release, one of the troops that scared me the most was Famine. His ability is absurd and his Aspect isn’t bad either. Yet I’ve never been able to pull him

But now he’s had a small nerf, Kraken/Mab teams rule, and Legendary traits are getting more and more powerful. I’ve got the Kraken/Mab and even when that gets nerfed I can fall back to Justice/Mab

Is Famine still a top priority for my troop list or has the meta passed him by?

Yeah famine is really useful it’s a very good card, it’ good in attack and defense. This is one of my best mythic with infernus


Famine is still an extremely useful card.

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I am wondering the same thing right now - I don’t have any Mythics yet (as in, true mythics, not upgraded-to-mythics) and am tempted to get Famine, but also really want Pharos-Ra. I only can craft one in the soul forge and having enough resources for a second mythic is not going to happen anytime soon. Advice? (And yes, I know I might have to wait for quite some time for Pharos-Ra to appear…but it’s random, so… might get lucky, might not get lucky).

Yes, Famine and Pharos-Ra are the 2 best mythics to craft in Soulforge.

Famine will help you win half the Guild War days.

Pharos-ra will save you time since you will no longer need to grind souls as hard due to his increased soul rate.

If you are doing fine in Guild Wars, I would say to wait for Pharos-Ra.


What is your priority?
If it’s soul farming then wait for Pharos. If it’s GW battles and PvP then Famine is worth the cost.


I’m not doing fine in either, to be honest. =/ I might be level ~850, but I still have no Kraken, Mab or Khorvash and, as I said, no real mythics. Doing my best with a dragon team at the moment, but TDS is so luck-based it can be frustrating at times. I pulled Krystenax today, finally, so that will hopefully help soon once I can trait him fully. So basically, I am missing a LOT of good troops.

Soul-farming, however, is what I mainly do and I get, with full bonuses and TDS casting trice, 140 from a battle. That is… not very much. Half my kingdoms still don’t have any stars on them - I’m working my way through getting them all to five stars right now, slowly but surely - and more souls would mean leveling those faster (and getting the double stats bonuses and tribute chance) and then, one far day, being able to save up souls for the forge weapons.

I’m honestly not sure what to prioritize. I enjoy my dragons a lot as they kill swiftly in explore and I hate doing PVP anyway, though, so until seeing Famine I had decided to save for Pharos-Ra, but I got uncertain when lots of people in chat said they crafted Famine.


YES! It absolutely one of the top 3 Mythics in its current condition with the existing Meta. I played GW for ~2 months without Famine, now its a joke how easy GW is after I crafted it 2/3 weeks ago. You’ll get 50k+ points/week easy in Bracket 1 (with a few other troops to accompany Famine) .

PS: the 3rd best Mythic is a trade secret. But as others have pointed out above Pharos-Ra is very nice if you need the souls.

Hmmm, havent trolled the newbs with my four famine team lately lol.

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Please set that 4x Famine team up in GW against us next week. Thank you.

Yeah, you should, very nice troop for GW.

What guild are you in again, I forgot?
And it wouldn’t have made a 200 k point difference lol

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10 chars

How have not pulled mab and krakens at that level? Are you in a guild? Do you save event keys etc?

I am playing since a bit over three months now, just a whole lot (at least before UI update hit). And I am only in a good guild since four weeks (this is the fourth one). Before that, I was one month guildless and one month in a small, pretty inactive guild which never got over 5k for the chest.
As for key saving, I didn’t do that until now as I didn’t get many event keys to begin with until I got into the good guild to begin with. Now I’ve saved up a few (well, 42, which isn’t that many I guess). I keep my fingers crossed for Leonis event, but I have little hope that it will happen anytime soon…
Of course, a lot is also bad luck. =/ I have a LOT of legendaries 4-5 times (Crimson Bat and Dark Monolith, for example) while the ones I really, really want elude me. =/ And I did blow what event keys I had on the Blackhawk event chest and got exactly zero Krakens.

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Your finger-crossing should pay off in less than 2 weeks. I suggest you start farming some Arcane Shield traitstones and saving up as many event keys as you can.


Whaaaaaat, that would be amazing! I am willing to pay with my own soul for Khorvash at this point, so thank you SO MUCH for that information! Will sit on all my event keys and also save diamonds for more event keys if I have to. I had no idea - I had assumed that Leonis had an event when it was added and while I hadn’t been playing back then, I think it wasn’t so long ago (I searched for the forum post announcement a few weeks ago) so I definitely wouldn’t have ever expected one to come along soon.
And those needed Arcanes sit in my inventory since three weeks, waiting to be used. :stuck_out_tongue: When it comes to Arcanes, I am so over-prepared for the troops I want.


As with all spoilers, nothing is official until they are released, but based on what can be seen, you’re only two events away from a chance to target Khorvash.


So the current one and two more? That’s two and a half weeks then and I think my guild has some tasks giving event keys left for this week as well. Means I might go into the event with ~130 keys maybe. Oh gosh, the excitement and waiting time will kill me now. …And then I will likely pull Khorvash from a normal glory chest one day before the event, just wait for it…haha. Or I will fail even during the event. It will be one or the other for sure, knowing me. But aside from Khorvash, I am very happy to hear that one of my favourite kingdoms will get an event. Just hoping now the spoilers prove to be true.

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No, November 13 (so the 2nd event from now).

If you do happen to fail with your event keys, you can always save up some glory and use that to buy event keys directly from the shop (spoils of war package - 180 glory per key).