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Ranking of (base rarity) Mythics

Hello, I’ve been away for a while.
during my time there were only a handful of Mythics around.

Can someone give me a ranking of the Mythics that are available today?

Who is worth the hard work of traiting?

By the way, thanks to Tard, Pew and Funferdi for letting me join my good old Guild Heroes United again.

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Xathenos is only avalaible with crafting


Are my top 3 mythic


It varies heavily on the team used. Famine is still arguably the best defense mythic, while gard holds that spot for offense. Personally I would say famine, gard, and pharos ra are probably the best to go for overall. Infernus is all around decent but also works really nicely with elemaugrim, the dragon mythic. Honestly even the worst mythics still have some use and could be traited at your leisure. However, this all depends on how quickly you can craft them for targeting with the forge and which events come up or even a jackpot from gem or glory keys here or there.


Kethras the bull is my favorite of the ones I´ve got.
Pharos-Ra will be the next I go for,due to his massive soul collecting ability.

Key point.

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For me, if I had no mythics I would craft them in this order:

=1 Gard’s Avatar
=1 Famine
3 Infernus
4 Ketras
5 Yasmine’s Chosen
6 Elemaugrim
7 War
8 Draakulis
9 Queen Aurora
=10 Plague
=10 Abynissia
=10 Pharos-Ra
=13 Wulfgarok
=13 Euryali
=13 Jotnar
16 Xathenos
17 Death
100 Stonehammer

If I were you, I would put most of my focus on Famine, Ketras, and Pharos-Ra first, the top 3 I want badly. Maybe I try to get War as well if I have the crafting materials, the rest I’ll honestly just rather wait until the next Broken Spire event for Infernus or the next Ghulvania event for Draakulis.

If new/midgame player you want Pharos-Ra first because of souls.


Gard - offense
Famine - defense and some GW days
Pharos-Ra - soulfarming.

I’ve been getting a lot of use with Euryali in GW - underestimated troop in my opinion.

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True, but even then, now that we have 4x a good TDS team is almost as fast

My top 3

My top 5

  1. Ketras
  2. Gard’s Avatar
  3. Infernus
  4. Famine
  5. Elemaugrim

Interesting to see that Ketras is actually useful now. I don’t have him and didn’t think I was missing much.

Infernus is my top offensive mythic. Sometimes Gard’s as well depending on my mood. Elemaugrim (always with Infernus) is a nice backup.
Pharos-Ra, my first mythic, allowed me to 7 star all my kingdoms and although I rarely use him now, he has already done his job.
I have recently just crafted Famine and he is just perfect for those Guild Wars battles where controlling the enemy is key.

So depending on your needs, these 5 are my top mythics.

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