Make famine and kraken or pass?

Hey all,

I’ve got enough gems to make both famine and kraken this week. I’ve used the soulforge to make myself infernus and pharos-ra. Been playing a year and still don’t have a kraken (not sure if it’s worth making). I was thinking of waiting for world breaker next rotation.

Would like some input if famine/ and or kraken are worth getting now or wait for worldbreaker.


I don’t suggest crafting any Legendary troops, you just have so many good Legendaries and will get them sooner or later.

For Mythics, Famine is pretty situational. There are quite some Mythic troops which are better or at least as good as it, e.g. Ubastet and AW and Aurora. So it depends on your play style and team theme.

This vote might help: Which mythic is the best


I second Soulhacker’s comments.

Legendaries will, eventually, turn up in chests, so save your Diamonds for crafting Mythics which are much more difficult to get.

Thank you very much for your replies. Will be patient and see if other mythics come in handier.

I do already have Ubastet so will check out your link.

Thanks again to you both

I don’t feel the same about crafting Legendary troops, as most on these forums. I say, if you feel you can use it now, then craft it. Yes, you could get it in the next week, but you could have to wait 6 months, it all depends on RNG. And, personally, I try to get what guaranteed stuff I can out of this game, whenever I can. So, if you feel like Kraken is something you will use a lot right now, craft it.

As for Famine, if this a year ago, I would say craft it, but now with so many troops immune to mana drain, I don’t think it’s worth it that much, anymore. Personally, I think you should wait for Infernus (Damage) or Pharos-Ra (Souls) and craft one of them as your next Mythic.


Of cause if someone really loves one troop (for instance Queen Mab or King Bloodhammer), more than any of the craftable Mythics, sure they can craft it ASAP. Just saying, in most case, legendaries are far easier to get compared to mythics.

Oh, I’m not disagreeing. I’m just saying that the RNG of this game can be a real pain sometimes. And, if you’re looking at a Legendary that’s particularly useful, like, say, The Dragon Soul, you might be better off crafting it than hoping that the game gives it you whenever it bloody well pleases.

But he wrote that he crafted those two Myths already.

And Kraken… don’t know what that troop is useful for. Wouldn’t waste the resources.

Kraken isn’t as good as it was, but it’s still good for damaging troops in the third slot and doing Devour against many troops, plus it’s helpful when it creates blue Gems.

Also its Tentacles trait doing damage to all enemy troops on 4 matches is very handy for teams that end up with Barriers all over the place.

Famine is a really solid mythic that was a staple of our meta for a long period of time. I think it is SUPER useful, and a lot harder to obtain than Kraken. (Though, I also ran a Kraken team for a long time! They are both great troops that are easy to build solid teams around.)