So I crafted Infernus instead of Famine


And I regret nothing! This troop is very fun to charge up and use. :slight_smile: I currently have Psion, Gorgotha, Mercy and Infernus.


You did the right thing. Both is great troops for PvP and Guild Wars. But Infernus adds an additional fun to PvP, and also there is many teams with him.


I’m trying to find the most efficient team with him, and the one I posted is the best I’ve got. I’ve tried some Infernal King but they counter act each other too much, I think.


I love Infernus! I like to put Famine on defense but Infernus on offense, and offense is much more enjoyable for me. :slight_smile:


You could try:

Talon banner

Yellow banner


I did the same thing! Don’t have him traited yet, though, so I haven’t even thought about teams yet. I like yours, though! Looks very solid! Maybe try Ragnagord in there?


Good, because Famine is a jerk on defense and I’m glad I don’t have another one to deal with, damn mana stealing fudge face.


I found Gorgotha to be more useful than Ragnigord. I played about 20 matches with each, but it could just be luck.

I did like Krystenax in there, but have yet to try Shadow-Hunter, I’ll give him a go next I think.


If there is anything Shadow-Hunter isn’t, it’s being male. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL. I see the error of my ways. I’ll try HER next.


She is a bodybuilder, I think, I want her arms badly…




I too enjoy being offensive :wink:


And beat any team that has Kraken/s using Gorg, Infernus, Mercy, Elemaugrim (Desert) :+1::+1:
6 of my most used teams have Infernus :joy::joy:


Imo, infernus is the most powerful troop in the game. You could put him in with almost any other troops and he can get the win. He can turn a match around with one cast when there’s a storm and often enen when not. I’ve had him for awhile but only recently started using him outside of gw. I was using a dragon team as my main pvp attack for months now, but i’ve found that (aside from giving souls) anything tds does, infernus can do better. So i replaced tds on my main pvp team with him and i lose less (not that i lost a lot) and it goes faster. I use krys/krys/inf/sylv. I don’t get the synergy bonus like i did but it’s still more effective. Rock troll/dark troll/inf/elem is a really fun team i learned of. Flame troll can be a sub if you want an all purple build. Tds/elem/inf/umberwolf (needs all traits) is another that was suggested to me that i have a good time using. I coukd go on. I crafted famine awhile back, and i mostly just use him on defense and for gw. You definitely made a wise choice, he makes life much easier and more fun.


Anyone who crafts infernus and doesn’t like him is not using him right!



Infernus is going to be nerfed in the upcoming patch in February… and you will not be getting diamonds via refund… Only souls and traitstones… Bye bye 4,000 diamonds.


Source on this? I don’t recall any definite plans to change Infernus, only a warning that devs were keeping an eye on the mana gained from explosions.


This ^^^^
Even before his slight buff he was good. They’re watching him but haven’t committed to nerfing him. He’s capable of destroying a full team on his own, he’s a little op but in the age of average/crap mythics he’s the shining light in the darkness.


Evidence??? Infernus is a nice troop both for invasion and defense, doubt we ever will see a nerf on him…