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First base mythic

Which would be better to craft as first base mythic? I do have dragon soul and not really aiming for dawn bringer just yet.

  • Infernus
  • Pharos Ra

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If you need souls go for Pharos-Ra.

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Why not Scorpius? Or Voice of Orpheus?

You may not need or want Dawnbringer yet but, if this is your first mythic, you’re at stage of the game where you still need a vast quantity of souls just to level all your troops chasing those kingdom stars. I say go for Pharos Ra. The sooner, the better.


If you have a decent invade team, go for Pharos-Ra.
If you need a solid damage dealer, go for Infernus.

Keep in mind that you need to fully trait Pharos for him to function, Infernus works from to get-go. He just gets better when traited.


I have a major orb of wisdom waiting for whichever

Yea I consider myself low mid tier I do pretty decent in pvp generally always in leaderboard tho I don’t just grind like some so I’m kinda at a point where I could use both lol that’s what makes it so hard



My main account is level 1234 with everything maxed out and 2 million extra souls and I don’t even own Pharos. I think Pharos-Ra is the most overrated troop in the entire game


If you have Dragon Soul or Valkyrie, you can use those to farm souls during challengers.
A good Soul farm team WITHOUT RA:
Dragon Soul
Keeper of Souls
On Warlord 2 setting will yield around 325 souls.
Infernus should be the first strong Mythic you should craft BAR none.
You can wait for RA but not Infernus.


Souls will be a long-term necessity, but it’s also a resource very abundant no matter what you do. We veterans tend to complain a lot when souls are added into any rewards, but honestly every little amount helps and there are a lot of these “little amounts” to be found in the game.

Infernus is hands down one of the best Mythics in the game.

The Best Mythic in the game: INFERNUS
Other good Mythics: Ubastet, Famine, Death, Stonehammer, and War.
I have Champion of Anu and Undine and I would not use 4000 Diamonds to craft them. I got Champion from using gems to buy troops during an Invasion Event and Undine from a Legendary Task.

Infernus is better at almost everything. However, Pharos can hit like a bazooka with the right team.

Unfortunately, that team usually needs another Pharos.

As others have mentioned you can farm souls effectively without Pharos.
You will never get a more versatile damage dealer than Infetnus


I would argue Infernus or Ubastet. Here’s my thing.

Pharos-Ra is important. Farming souls is important. But it’s not like it’s impossible to get souls without it. Once you have a good PvP/Explore team set up, you’re only leveling troops for kingdom power and niches. Yes, you have goals like Dawnbringer, but that takes a long time even with Pharos-Ra. Believe it or not you can play competitively without DB.

Infernus and Ubastet boost your PvP to a very high level. That means you finish grinding out Rank 1 quicker. You can get more gold/ingots per unit time. You’re going to have an easier time finishing pet rescues, and they might even be options in Bounty or Class events.

I did Pharos-Ra first because that’s what the going theory was. I was not happy. Sure, I was able to farm souls effectively. I still didn’t get Dawnbringer and 5-starred kingdoms before I crafted Infernus. Meanwhile, I was getting relentlessly pummeled by Infernus teams in PvP. I had good teams, but it’s hard to be consistent vs. those without your own Divines. It’s probably worse now with Ubastet. Yes, there are not-Divine teams that win. But now I have 5-starred kingdoms and Dawnbringer so it’s hard to say.

Another consideration: Pharos-Ra expires. Once you reach your souls goal, you’ve got an alpha striker that’s hard to set up and you won’t use it so much anymore. The only way you’re ever going to stop using Infernus and Ubastet is if something better releases.

What matters: there isn’t a wrong choice here. You need all three of those troops to start entering “endgame”. None of them really help you get the other faster.

But, personally, I’m thinking you will want “a lot of ingots” in the near future more than “50% more souls”.

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Infernus all day long.

Lol that’s my exact soul farming team now